1m GosCam extension
1m GosCam extension

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1m GosCam extension

  • Extension cable for GosCam cameras
  • Length - 1 m
  • Flexible wire
  • Connecting the camera 4.5, 9 and 17 mm
  • Connection diameter: 17mm

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1 m GosCam extension

The flexible wire fits perfectly into the desired shape.

The extension is dedicated to GosCam cameras. It increases the maneuverability of the camera and extends its range. The extension should be mount between the camera cable and the camera. It supports PAL and NTSC wires with a diameter of 4.5, 9 and

  • 1 m GosCam extension



GosCam (Shenzen Gospell Smarthome Electronic Co. Ltd. ) is a leading brand in wireless audio and video transmission devices sector . The company deals with designing, production and delivery to customers all over the world security cameras , child monitoring cameras or...


  • 1 m GosCam extension


    Reviews (5)

    By Dillon F.

    Comment : good fit for my goscam gear
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    By Jonah A.

    Comment : this 1 metre GOSCAM extension is worth buying as it is affordable, of satisfacvtory quality and durable
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    By Dalton H.

    Comment : cheers store, "ive been looking for something like that
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    By Samuel W.

    Comment : came in handy a few times
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    By H. L.

    Comment : Wire dedicated to my cam turned out a bit too short for certain work I had recently but with this affordable extension I can reach anywhere now
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