Action cam Gimbal DJI Osmo Plus with a 3-line image stabilizer and variable adjustment
Action cam Gimbal DJI Osmo Plus with a 3-line image stabilizer and variable adjustment

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Action cam Gimbal DJI Osmo Plus with a 3-line image stabilizer and variable adjustment

  • 8 operational modes
  • Smooth shots and clear view
  • Operation time of the action cam up to 60 minutes
  • 3-line stabilizer
  • WiFi communication

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Action cam Gimbal DJI Osmo Plus with a 3-line image stabilizer and variable adjustment

Gimbal Osmo Plus is an advanced image stabilizer which guarantees smooth and clear shots in almost any situation. A wide range of available accessories and great functionality make that nothing is impossible for this recorder.

Osmo Plus is a professional action cam with image stabilizer which enables to save smooth shots without distortions and noise. Thanks to a wide variety of available accessories nothing is impossible for this Gimbal.

Advantages of the action cam DJI Osmo Plus

  • Smooth shots and clear view

    Smooth shots and clear view

    3-line stabilizer ensures that even during air acrobatics the shots will be smooth and image clear, without distortions or noises.

  • Functional software

    Functional software

    To be able to operate the Osmo sports action cam you will need to install the software that is available for mobile devices supported by Android or iOS. The software enables e.g. change of operation modes, choice of resolution, colour and file format.

  • Operating modes

    Operating modes

    The action cam Gimbal Osmo Plus offers 8 different operation modes:

    • camera following the hand movement
    • inversion - recording upside down
    • blockade - camera looking one way
    • setting the lens parallel to the handle
    • selfie mode
    • timelaps - 2 sec exposure with depth of field
    • 360° panorama
    • sleep - automatic standby mode that helps to reduce battery consumption

    All these modes enable quick adjustment of the device to your individual needs.

  • Operation time and power supply

    Operation time and power supply

    The action cam is powered by a removable 980 mAh rechargeable battery located in Gimbal handle. Charging the battery, the same as operation time is normaly 60 minutes.

  • Built-In Mic

    Built-In Mic

    Video footage can be recorded with audio owing to the built-in microphone. When higher quality of sound is required you can connect external microphone e.g.: Diasonic or any other with 3.5 mm jack.

  • WiFi module

    WiFi module

    The Osmo Plus action cam has been equipped with a WiFi module to enable live view and wireless control of the camera settings via a smartphone at th distance of up to 25 m.

  • Memory


    Collected footage is stored on removable memory cards. Maximum supported capacity is 64 GB. Data can be copied with the use of a USB cable.



DJI is a well-known manufacturer of professional cameras and drones.


Specification of the action cam Gimbal Osmo Plus
1 filming and recording with exposure time of 2 seconds with preserved depth of field
MatrixCMOS 1/2.3"
Lensf/2.8, 35 mm
Focusing3,5 m
  • video - 100-3200
  • photos - 100-1600
Shutter8 - 1/8000 s
Photo resolution of the action cam4000×3000
Video resolution
  • 4096×2160
  • 3840×2160
  • 2704×1520
  • 1920×1080
  • 1280×720
File formatJPG, RAW
External memorymemory card up to 64 GB
Adjustment range
  • tilt: -35° to +135°
  • pan: 320°
  • roll: 30°
Control speed120°/s
Registration functions
  • panorama 360°
  • timelapse 1
  • sleep mode
  • built-in
  • possibility of connecting external microphone
Compatible systems
  • Android
  • iOS
Power supply of the action camremovable battery
Operation timeup to 60 minutes
Charging time60 minutes
Operation temperature0°C ~ +40°C
Dimensions of the action cam160 × 48 × 62 mm
Weight430 g


  • Action cam Gimbal DJI Osmo Plus
  • Holder for a smartphone
  • Shoulder and wrist strap *
  • MicroSD 16 GB card *
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Network cable
  • Case *
  • UV filter
  • Microphone FM-15 FlexiMic
* Accessories not covered by the warranty


Reviews (4)

By Levi H.

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By Paul P.

Comment : the best thing abouth this gear?! The Wifi module! You can see in a real time view from the camera of up to 25 metres!
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By Ivan W.

Comment : I am not giung to complain about the high price - it was my decision to spend this much as high quality cannot be cheap
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By Jeremy E.

Comment : since I've got it I cannot stop playing with it and testing its various options. Great for extreme sports, difficult conditions, harsh weather. Software works on iOS and Adroid, maaany modes of operation … simply WOW
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