Advanced keylogger software for parental control - SpyLogger Classic Plus Movie
Advanced keylogger software for parental control - SpyLogger Classic Plus
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Advanced keylogger software for parental control - SpyLogger Classic Plus

  • Advanced keylogger software for parental control - SpyLogger Classic Plus
  • Logs every key stroke
  • Takes screenshots (at fixed time)
  • Enables recording sounds from the computer's surroundings
  • The keylogger software cannot be detected by antivirus programs!

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Advanced keylogger software for parental control - SpyLogger Classic Plus

Advanced keylogger software - SpyLogger Classic Plus was designed to support discreet and efficient computer monitoring. It allows us to supervise our child browsing the Internet, control our employees, and protect our data from unauthorized access.

In the contemporary world computers and the Internet are simply irreplaceable. We use them to contact family members, watch movies, look for a job, send private messages or even transfer strategically important data. Because of that, it is advisable to get a reliable tool which can protect us against illegal actions of third parties and is able to detect risks for our computer or child. This advanced keylogger software will let you control any computer and monitor all internet activity. It is the best solution on the market.

To start with, keylogger SpyLogger Classic Plus gives you access to information about every keystroke, generates screenshots, and is even able to record ambient sounds (new feature!). The user is given a full picture of all computer activities, including every website address typed in the browser's address bar and access to all internet communicator and chat conversations. Advanced keylogger software for parental control will record all Facebook, Skype and similar application activities. This advanced keylogger software for Internet surveillance can be configured on any computer and the installation process takes less than 30 seconds to complete. Included manual gives you clear and easy-to-follow instructions about the whole process. Finally, you are given unlimited 12-month warranty of the advanced keylogger software for this keylogger!

Possible application of the keylogger software

    • Parental control,
    • Providing safe browsing environment for children,
    • Employee monitoring.

Advanced Keylogger Software's best features

      • Computer monitoring


        All collected text logs and screenshots can be copied from monitored computer by connecting SpyLogger device. They can be subsequently viewed on any device. 8 GB memory is enough to collect data for a timespan of about 200 to 240 days.

      • Matryca wysokiej jakości


        The advanced keylogger software is able to capture and record all keys which have been pressed. It also allows for better support of international and special characters. The data is saved as HTML file that can be opened in any standard browser.

      • Screenshots


        SpyLogger generates screenshots at a fixed time and saves them in JPEG format. It allows the user to access not only the records of pressed keys, but also browsed pictures or the contents of received e-mails and conversations through instant messaging or chats. This makes SpyLogger the best keylogger!

      • Key word

        KEY WORD

        Every time a certain key word is typed SpyLogger generates an additional screenshot.

      • Applications


        USB keylogger stores data about all running applications as well as all window opening, closing and switching procedures. This advanced USB keylogger software will let you see what webpages were visited exactly.

      • Files


        Logging all actions performed on files (open, move and many other), including time and date of the modification. It also makes it possible to filter files by type or to select specific folders only.

      • Storage media monitoring


        SpyLogger checks which removable storage devices (CD/DVD or USB) were used on the computer and informs about every unauthorized access to our data.

      • SOUNDS


        SpyLogger Mail Plus records sounds of the surroundings through the built-in or external microphone. Recordings are saved as MP3 files.

      • Conversations


        The advanced keylogger software program allows you to record Skype, ICQ, and similar calls. Recordings are stored in MP3 format. Each participant is heard in a separate channel.



        SpyLogger gives the opportunity to prepare configuration at any computer, which is crucial when access to the monitored computer is very limited. The subsequent installation on the target device will take only about 30 seconds.

      • Antivirus program


        Due to the constant upgrading process, SpyLogger is invisible to antivirus programs. It makes it the best possible solution for discreet Internet surveillance.

      • Discretion


        USB keylogger software is completely invisible to computer users. It uses only a fraction of system memory, has no icon or name, and leaves no traces behind.

      • Operating system


        The keylogger can be run in Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8. An installation does not require administrator account but the monitoring works only on the account on which SpyLogger was installed. In case you need to monitor different accounts, you should install SpyLogger software for each account separately.

      • USB

        USB DRIVE

        SpyLogger program is stored on a USB drive (8GB), which allows you to install, download, copy and delete data. You should remember that the device works automatically and should be removed from the USB port at the end of each process.



        12 months warranty on software with access to on-line update and repair service. USB drive is covered by a lifetime warranty. Best keylogger software on the market!

On some computers running Windows XP, a sound card does not support the "What You Hear" function. In this case only one side of a conversation might be recorded. It does not apply to computers with "What You Hear" driver as well as Windows Vista, 7 and 8 systems.

SpyLogger Classic Plus instalation and configuration procedures

After connecting the USB drive to the computer the only thing to do is to run SpyLogger manager. It allows you to

  • Perform fast and easy installation, e.g. set the time interval between successive screenshots,
  • Configure target e-mail account,
  • Download data collected by SpyLogger,
  • Uninstall the program.

SpyLogger setupSpyLogger ® setup SpyLogger configurationSpyLogger® configuration E-mail options configurationE-mail options configuration

The amount of collected data is limited only by the SpyLogger memory. 8GB of memory is usually enough to collect data for about 200-240 days. It is advisable to copy SpyLogger data on a regular basis. If the mail service is enabled, the number of messages you can receive is limited by your e-mail account capacity. It is advisable to use google account because of its speed, stability, and the amount of free disc space.

Model keylogModel keylog spy software Model screenshotModel screenshot

SpyLogger software is also available in Polish and German language version.

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24 months24 months24 months24 months
lifetime warrantylifetime warrantylifetime warrantylifetime warranty
  • Advanced keylogger software for parental control - SpyLogger Classic Plus
  • Package
  • User manual


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24 months24 months24 months24 months
lifetime warrantylifetime warrantylifetime warrantylifetime warranty


  • Advanced keylogger software for parental control - SpyLogger Classic Plus
  • Package
  • User manual

Reviews (5)

By Filip D.

Comment : very Skype converstation is stored and sent to me as mp3 file. This spylogger is better than I thought really
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By Finlay F.

Comment : Best choice if you want to check what your kids are doing on their computers and what www pages they visit!
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By Aaron S.

Comment : every parent should get one
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By Abigail W.

Comment : recorded my husband on skype with his “friend” who was my cousin ! !
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By Christopher W.

Comment : I needed something to record also sounds so classic plus gets a big plus :D
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