Advanced Spy Camera Detector with laser AUMAS S-1 Movie
Advanced Spy Camera Detector with laser AUMAS S-1

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Advanced Spy Camera Detector with laser AUMAS S-1

  • Two powerful laser diodes
  • High-end advanced spy camera detector with laser
  • 3 lenses with a polarising filter
  • The focusing lens
  • Easy and fast location

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AUMAS S-1 Advanced Spy Camera Detector

The AUMAS S-1 spy camera detector with laser is an advanced device for scanning rooms for video surveillance equipment.

  • Wavelength

    Lens type


  • Work time

    Battery run-time of the spy camera detector

    12 h

  • Wavelength


    920 nm

  • Wavelength

    Laser type

    red laser × 2

The AUMAS S-1 is able to detect various types of cameras: wired, wireless, hidden in everyday items and hidden in unexpected places. Scanning a room is very fast and efficient, and only takes up to a few minutes.

The performance of the spy camera detector does not depend on whether a camera is active or not, and if one happens to be inactive it can still be detected. The S-1 is equipped with two high-power lasers (900nm wavelength) to support quick scanning of spaces.

Using the advanced spy camera detector is extremely easy and intuitive. It is powered by four AAA cells which provide up to 12 hours of run-time, and easy battery replacement enhances ease-of use.

The AUMAS S-1 spy camera detector is designed professionals and lay persons alike who want an easy-to-use and reliable camera detector.

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Specification of Advanced Spy Camera Detector AUMAS S-1
Laser typered laser × 2
Wavelength920 nm
Lens typepolarising
Number of lenses3
Battery run-time12 h
Dimension of the spy camera detector101 × 52 × 33 mm
Weight of the advanced spy camera detector125 g


  • Advanced Spy Camera Detector - AUMAS S-1
  • 4 X AA battery
  • User manual

Reviews (6)

By Jakub B.

Comment : Easy to use even for a total beginner like me..
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By Iestyn F.

Comment : only thing missing is a protective case
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By Billy A.

Comment : No concerns to the quality but you need as many as four batteries to make it work which is quote a lot, don't you think?
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By Samuel W.

Comment : pluses: small andf handy. Ideal when you want to dicreetly search a place.
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By Sarah W.

Comment : Ok for bigger cams but not too good for smaller equipment
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By Nathan A.

Comment : YoU can detect both working and not active cameras which is a big advantage .
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