Airband radio scanner - Uniden EZI33XLT with a car adapter
Airband radio scanner - Uniden EZI33XLT with a car adapter

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Airband radio scanner - Uniden EZI33XLT with a car adapter

  • Bands: VHF-L, FM, Airband, VHF-H, UHF
  • Unlimited operation time of the airband radio scanner
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Charging from lighter socket
  • Keypad lock button

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Airband radio scanner Uniden EZI33XLT with a car adapter

Airband radio scanner Uniden EXI33XLT is extremely simple in operation. The device is designed for mobile work, thanks to a car adapter.

  • Frequency

    Frequency range

    78-512 MHz

  • Charging

    Power supply

    3 × AA batteries

    Car adapter

  • Scanning range

    Range of scanning

    few kilometers

  • Keypad lock function

    Keypad lock function

Uniden airband radio scanner EZI33XLT is compatible with airbands and VHF-L, VHF-H, FM, UHF. Automatic programming of particular frequencies 9 pasm EMG,FRN,PMR,MRN, FM Radio including airbands Aircraft provides quick and effective operation.

Built-in memory of the airband radio scanner is able to store up to 180 frequencies divided into 9 banks. The device is also equipped with function of quick select of 20 frequencies. In order to quickly select a particular channel, the receiver allows to save 20 favourite frequencies, and by using one button, you can immediately choose 3 of the most frequentlu used channels.

The operation of Uniden airband radio scanner EZI33XLT is simple and intuitive due to compact dimensions and a user-friendly design. Illuminated LCD display informs about the finished operations as well as scanned frequenicies. Big, readable buttons simplify the operation of the scanner and allow to change functions such as frequency searching, changing channels, stored data modifications and many others. A dedicated car adapter provides unlimited operation time in a car, and if the car is stopped, the device can be charged with 3 AA batteries, which allow for up to 24h of continuous operation.

Wideband radio scanner Uniden EXI33XLT is a very intuitive durable and accurate model, dedicated for amateurs as well as professionals.



Uniden is a Japanese brand founded in 1966 in Tokio . Development-orientation, constant widening of the business activity range and high class of its products resulted in growing group of followers all over the world, especially in the USA, Europe and Australia. Uniden is one of...


Specification of Uniden EZI33XLT airband radio scanner
1 sub-ranges, band plan I 2 depending on used band-plan 3 with antena
Frequency band of the airband radio scanner78 - 512 MHz
Bands 1
  • 87.3 – 107,95 MHz (FMB 50 kHz)
  • 108 – 136.991 MHz (Air, 8.33MHz)
  • 137 – 174 MHz (VHF-H 6.25kHz)
  • 406 – 512 MHz (UHF 6.25kHz)
Sensitivity0.3-0.5 μV
DisplayLCD with highlighting
Sub-ranges' step 25/6,25/8.33/10/12,5 KHz
Programmable memory
  • 180 frequencies
  • 3 priority channels
  • 9 banks
Scanning speed of the airband radio scanner30 steps/second
Additional functionsKey Lock (keyboard locking)
Power supply3 × AA battery
Battery work timeup to 24 h
Headphones output
  • yes
  • 490 mW, 24O hm
  • BNC connection
  • 5Ohm
Dimensions of the airband radio scanner104 × 53 × 28 mm
Weight 3100 g
Specification of car adapter
Input voltage12V DC
Output voltage6V and 2 A
Power loss1.08 W (59°C)
Outside diameter3.5 mm
Inside diameter1.5 mm
Cable length180 cm


  • Compact airband radio scanner Uniden EZI33XLT
  • Antena
  • A clip for a belt
  • 3 × AA batteries
  • Headphones
  • Car adapter for Uniden scanner
  • User manual


Reviews (3)

By Elizabeth H.

Comment : Nice toy for my son who is an aviation enthusiast
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By Ethan H.

Comment : dedicated to amatuers like me - easy to use, not expensive, small size
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By Hannah J.

Comment : thanks to car adapter you do not have to bother with batteries as the scanner can operate all the time. This is brillian as I usually use it while sitting in my car.
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