Airport metal detector SPY SP-6500I with 33 detection zones
Airport metal detector SPY SP-6500I with 33 detection zones
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Airport metal detector SPY SP-6500I with 33 detection zones

  • Airport metal detector has 33 detection zones
  • Audible and visual signaling
  • Detection of weapons and small elements
  • Quick installation and disassembly
  • Walk-trough and alarm counter

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SPY SP-6500I airport metal detector with 33 detection zones

SPY SP-6500I is a professional airport metal detector primary application of which is to enhance safety both in state and public facilities.

SPY SP-6500I airport walk-through metal detector has 33 detection zones which enable precise locating of the detected danger. It is possible to cancel the alarm in case when the detected objects turn out to be coins, keys or unessential metal objects. A great advantage of the device is its high capacity.

Applications of the airport metal detector SPY SP-6500I

  • seaports and airports, subway or railway stations
  • courts and penitentiaries
  • industrial plants
  • nuclear and conventional power plants
  • all kinds of military facilities
  • secondary and higher education establishments
  • sports facilities and stadiums
  • public spaces

Features of the airport metal detector SPY SP-6500I

  • Detecting dangerous objects

    Detecting dangerous objects

    Multi-directional coil technology guarantees high performance in detecting threats. High sensitivity of the detector enables detection of guns, knives, components of explosives and many other objects, at the same time ignoring harmless items.

  • 33 detection zones

    33 detection zones

    The airport metal detector has been equipped with 33 detection zones including 18 basic and 15 auxiliary zones. DSP processor applied in the detector enables detection of the tiniest items straight from the ground.

  • Adjustable sensitivity

    Adjustable sensitivity

    You can change sensitivity level and set it individually for each detection zone.

  • Light signals

    Light signals

    The system of signaling lights located in the gate frame informs the operator about the detected danger and indicates possible area where the potential dangerous item could be. Additionally, the device informs about the need to stop a person or possibility to let them through.

  • Simple in use

    Simple in use

    The airport metal detector is simple in use. Sound and light alarms make it possible to speed up inspection with no need to stop and control every person walking through.

  • Automatic calibration

    Automatic calibration

    Automatic calibration is a very useful function that enables the deviceself-adjustment to the operating parameters.

  • Password protection

    Password protection

    Panel access is secured by password and every attempt to break the password is registered in the system.

  • Quick installation

    Quick installation

    The device consists of a few structural components which can be assembled anywhere in an instant.


Detective Store company offers installation and service of the walk-through gate detectors. Prices are quoted individually for every order.

The airport metal detector is compliant with the below mentioned safety standards:

  • holding CE certificate,
  • safe for people with pacemakers and for pregnant women,
  • does not cause magnetic damage to data carriers.


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Specification of the airport metal detector SPY SP-6500I
1 uncondensed
  • automatic: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 5W
  • battery: optional
Power supply of the airport metal detectorthe ability to connect to the left, right or top
  • against water and dust
  • IP55 standard, IEC529
Protection against unauthorized access
  • 2 access levels
  • password
Mechanical closureprotects the module containing wires and the electronics
Laminate housing
  • resistant to damage
  • resistant to scratches
Aluminum housing
  • durable
  • protects electronic components
Electronic systemintegrated
Control outputs
  • low voltage semiconductor relays
  • work with external control and signaling devices with reinforced plugs
Pass counteryes
Alerts counteryes
Two-channel operation and DSP chip
  • synchronized
  • allow application up to 16 gates in close proximity
Resistance to external interference
  • DSP system with diagnostic functions
  • eliminates the impact of other devices such as X-ray scanners on detector work
Independent programs
  • 15
  • suitable for use with the detector
Sensitivityadjustable for each program
Detection zones
  • 33
  • detection signaling
  • two independent LED lines located at the gate exit
  • indication of the location of the detected threat
Alarm signal of the airport metal detector
  • sound
  • adjustable frequency
  • adjustable volume level
Signaling control of transitions
  • universal
  • lighting "stop" and "go" signs on the entrance side
Operation temperature-20°C to 70°C
Permissible humidityup to 95% 1
Dimensions (depth × width × height)
  • internal: 0,58 × 0,76 × 2,0 m
  • external: 0,58 × 0,9 × 2,2 m
Transport dimensions0,17 × 0,9 × 2,3 m
Weight of the airport metal detector64 kg


  • Airport metal detector SPY SP-6500I
  • Wires
  • User manual

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