Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333
Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333
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Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333

  • Two-way conveyor belt
  • X-ray with a 53×33 cm tunnel
  • Advanced algorithms of imaging and detection
  • Intuitive operation and automatized work
  • Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333 meets all safety standards


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Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333 for parcel and luggage screening

Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333 was designed for the purpose of screening small and medium-sized objects – hand luggage, purses, backpacks, mail bags and small parcels – for hidden firearms, knives, explosives, smuggled illegal goods or narcotics.

Autoclear 5333's high effectiveness and efficiency is a result of “multienergy” imaging, which allows to recognise suspicious objects more easily, even in densely packed luggage. Utilising technologically advanced solutions ensures quick and reliable analysis of the inspected objects. High quality detectors and digital data processing technology utilised by the Airport X-Ray machine allow to obtain a detailed image of high clearness, facilitating differentiation of organic and non-organic matter, as well as metal elements.

Handling the Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333 is simple and intuitive, allowing the operator to choose among numerous display modes to get best possible results and thoroughly analyse the contents of the inspected object. The displayed image can be either monochromatic or colour, offering the possibility to switch to negative, zoom in on a specific fragment, brighten it, and to set up a density alert.

Main features of the Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333

  • allows to inspect small parcels and luggage
  • generates a clear image of the inspected object, features a number of display modes
  • effective, efficient and easy to operate
  • advanced and flexible operating system ensures very high efficiency

Applications for a parcel and luggage X-ray inspection system

  • posts offices
  • shipping companies
  • government facilities
  • courts
  • banks
  • other public utility facilities requiring special security levels
  • small, tight spaces



The American company Autoclear is a brand with over 75 years of experience. X-ray scanning devices are different in size and arrangement of the conveyor belt and the scanning tunnel. The great advantage of the devices is the control panel, identical in every model. This solution...


Specifications of Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333
Physical features
Inspection tunnel dimensions53 × 33 cm
Device dimensions125.4 × 111.4 × 72.1 cm
Weight of Airport X-Ray machine
  • device - 236 kg
  • shipping weight - 313 kg
  • unibod
  • heavy gauge stainless steel
  • epoxy painted with aluminium finish
  • non-marking castors
Operation temperature of Autoclear 53330°C to 40°C
Humidity20% do 95%
Storage temperatureup to 65°C
Power consumption of Airport X-Ray machine
  • Less than 0.7 kVA - 100, 120, 200, 220, 240, 250V AC±10%
  • less than 7 A - 100 120V AC±10%
  • less than 3.75 A - 200, 220, 240, 250V, 50 oder 60 Hz
X-ray generator
X-ray tube headSelf-contained
Rated voltage90kV
Duty cycle100% - sealed oil bath cooling system
Beam orientationDiagonal (80° beam)
Radiation dosage0.1 mR
Inspection parameters
Steel penetration10-11 mm
Contrast sensitivityover 2 million tones
Resolution of Airport X-Ray machine40 AWG (0.0799mm)
Signal processing
  • 32-bit adaptive image processing
  • minimum 1GB memory
  • 2.2 GHz or 2.4 GHz+ dual core processor
  • 550 MHz+ next-gen GPU
  • 512 MB video memory
  • 32 stream processing cores
Conveyor belt speed24cm/s (14.6m/min)
Pulling weight150 kg
Film safetyguaranteed for high speed films up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)
Detector systems
L-shaped detectorcovers the entire inspected object
Solid state high frequency detectors
  • Surface mounted
  • multilayer
  • fully integrated
  • image processing system utilising a Pentium 4 processor
MonitorColour 17” LCD
Video card1280×1024 resolution


Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333 standard features

  • AutoSoft operating system
  • Full-size touch-controlled navigation panel
  • Conveyor belt with autoTracking® feature
  • Inspection tunnel extensions
  • Reversible conveyor belt direction
  • High/low density stripping
  • Organic/non-organic stripping
  • Colour, monochromatic or negative image
  • 128x smart zoom
  • Adjustable image magnification
  • D-SCAN
  • Dark and light enhancement
  • Density detection
  • Density alert
  • Outline marking
  • Automatic recognition
  • Automatic scaling
  • Autocalibration
  • Z-SCAN
  • Saving screenshots to a USB drive
  • Object counter
  • Intuitive menu with help screens

Airport X-Ray machine - Autoclear 5333 optional features

  • Loading/exit rollerbeds
  • Loading/exit 18” parcel slide
  • High humidity operation kit
  • DVD drive
  • Automatic threat detection alert
  • Automatic depth display
  • Image archiving
  • TIP system
  • Built-in tutorial
  • Level 1,2 and 3 networking
  • User management
  • Locking control panel cover
  • Adjustable control panel mount
  • Secondary/larger monitor support
  • Monitor stand
  • Locking monitor cover
  • Laser printer
  • Control panel desk
  • kV and mA meters
  • UPS module
  • X-ray sensor
  • Footpad

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