Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203
Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203

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Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203

  • Highly precise localisation
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203 detects both analogue and digital bugs
  • Discreet vibration mode
  • 10-segment signal strength indicator

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Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203

Protect 1203 allows to detect and localise various kinds of radio transmitters, some of which might be listening devices. There is a wide array of commonly available devices conveying the signal as a radio transmission – quartz bugs, GSM trackers, transmitters using Bluetooth or WiFi.

One should be aware that bugs might be planted in offices, meeting rooms, cars, or even private apartments. This might pose a serious threat to privacy and confidentiality of business negotiations. The Protect 1203 transmitter detector allows to pick up different types of signals, and to localise active radio transmitters. Detection is indicated by a segmented signal strength indicator and discreet vibrations. It allows the operator to investigate and localise the source of the potentially dangerous signal, to easily sweep rooms or vehicles, or to check if someone else is not carrying a bug. Protect 1203 detects, among others:

  • radio transmitters with FM and AM modulation - both narrow and broadband
  • video signal transmitters
  • digital continuous or pulse transmitters – mobile phones, GPS trackers using GSM networks, etc.
  • broadband transmitters
  • hopping frequency transmitters
  • transmitters installed in rooms, cars, or used by other people
  • transmitters installed on phone lines

Bug localisation of the Analog and Digital Transmitter detector is facilitated by a 10-segment signal strength indicator. While closing in on the source of the transmission, the strength of the signal increases, lighting up subsequent segments of the Protect 1203's indicator. The operator can adjust the detector's sensitivity, decreasing it as the signal strength rises, which allows to precisely determine the area in which the potentially dangerous transmitter is localised.

Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203 is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which provide enough power for 10 hours of operation (depending on the quality of the batteries). Solid aluminium housing effectively provides the Protect 1203 detector with resistance to mechanical damage.


DigiScan Labs

Digiscan Labs is a brand specializing in anit-spy systems , privacy protection and protecting key information . The experience of many specialists gained during Cold War was forged into modern systems protecting from any kind of wiretapping. They constantly introduce improvements,...


Specification of Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203
Frequency range30-6000 MHz
Power supply of the Analog and Digital Transmitter Detection2 x AAA battery
Continuous operation appox.up to 10 hours
Power consumption of the transmitter detector
  • mode without vibration: 65 to 80mA
  • mode with vibration: up to 145mA
  • 10-segment indicator of RF level
  • vibrating alert
  • without antennas: 11.7 × 6.0 × 1.7 cm
  • antennas: 3.5 cm


  • Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector Protect 1203
  • User manual
  • 2 x AAA battery
  • Two antennas
  • Case

Reviews (5)

By Abbie A.

Comment : Was forced to purchase one due to personal reasons but now I use it at my work as well. Versatile equioment with usefull options, in affordable price,and solid housing.
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By Alex B.

Comment : I am more than one satisfied cuastomer as this baby is even better than I thought! Biggest plus for the ability to detect both digitial AND analogue bugs. With Protect 1203 you can stay safe and bug free!
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By Alexander B.

Comment : helped me find a bug, for real
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By Shannon W.

Comment : I am happy with this purchase - good gear of high precision and nice price
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By Nathan A.

Comment : swift delivery, works as should
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