Maddos C-UAV - an effective system against drone threats

The Maddos C-UAV automated anti-drone system uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to detect, monitor and neutralise unmanned aerial vehicles (BSPs). It displays the exact position of the drone and its operator within a 50km range. It has been tested in combat. Among other things, it was used to secure the NATO Summit.

Applications of the Maddos C-UAV system

    • airports
    • critical infrastructure
    • defence and military
    • stadiums and sports facilities
    • VIP protection
    • production plants
    • power plants
    • private companies

maddos system

Efficient airspace protection and monitoring

The comprehensive Maddos C-UAV system recognises frequencies from 20 MHz to 18 GHz from several directions simultaneously. It locates and tracks UAVs, drone swarms and their operators within a range of 50 km in real time. The 3D radar provides information such as altitude and target position. It identifies the type of threat and easily distinguishes potentially dangerous devices from birds, aircraft or kites. The system is able to recognise a specific model of drone and a set of serial information to facilitate its tracking.

maddos system

Visual detection system

The Maddos anti-drone system includes a camera that detects drones from up to 6 km away. It combines daylight and thermal light to achieve maximum performance. It enables recognition of payloads attached to the drone, such as explosives.

Drone frequency jamming

The functionality of the anti-drone system is enhanced by frequency jammers. They prevent the BSP from communicating with the operator by selectively blocking RF signals. They force it to go into emergency mode. Control of the drone is taken over by the C-UAV user, who can bring the drone safely to the ground. In addition, the ToC platform provides all information about the device (position, altitude, speed, make and model, serial number).

maddos system

Soft-kill / hard-kill active defence system

The soft-kill system uses electronics to distract intended targets without destroying them. The Maddos solution falsifies GNSS and thus interferes with the drone's guidance system. It sends its own commands to it. It can divert it out of the protected zone, force it to land or even crash it by falling immediately (hard-kill).

A mobile solution

There are no operational restrictions for the Maddos system. The whole system is modular, making logistical problems non-existent. Only one person is needed to carry and operate its mobile version. The built-in RF detection system in the laptop or backpack also detects the drones while they are moving. Another alternative to this solution is to mount the system on a vehicle, e.g. for convoy protection.

Easy operation

The intuitive interface is based on NATO-standard symbols, conventional characters and abbreviations. Allows configuration of sensors and generation of alarms. No internet connection required.

maddos system

MADDOS C-UAS components

  • radio signal detector

    Radio frequency (RF) signal detectors

    Wide bandwidth and live tracking of multiple targets simultaneously. Available in 3 versions X3, X7, X9 (see specifications tab for comparison)

  • detector antennas

    RF detector antennas

    Mobile version in 9kHz - 6GHz frequency and range up to 1km. Versions for advanced systems have a range from 20MHz to as high as 18GHz.

  • Display

    Command centre

    A 'command centre' is responsible for the entire system - Spectran. These are advanced computers with the appropriate software and hardware. Depending on the version selected, they have a range of analysis functions.

  • External memory

    Directional search for radio signals

    Ability to monitor all signals on all frequencies. The system detects even short radio emissions and the tracking accuracy is up to 1°.

  • Films and photos

    ASI - Automatic Signal Identification

    Automatic signal identification allows classification of the types of radio signals received. This is made possible by AI technology, which records all signals and then compares them with each other for grouping.

  • Operating time and power supply

    Jammers - drone jammers

    Jammers or so-called drone jammers. In their mobile version, they visually resemble futuristic automatic weapons. They help to take control of a device, making it possible to bring a drone down to earth. Depending on the version, they have a directional range of up to 2.5 km.

Specification of the X3 / X7 / X9 anti-drone systems
500 m to 1 km 2 km to 5 km 5 km to 10 km
omnidirectional 16 16
omnidirectional 2 to 4° 1 to 3°
- A A
75MHz to 6GHz 400MHz to 6GHz 400MHz to 6GHz (can be upgraded to 20MHz to 18GHz)
Hopping Stitching / Hopping Stitching / Hopping
1 2 4 (can be upgraded to unlimited number)
No Yes Yes
- 2 km 3 km

Maddos Jammer specifications
Handheld-3 Drone C-UASHandheld-6 Drone C-UASManpack-6 Drone C-UAS
1.2 km to 1.5 km 1.2 km to 1.5 km 1.5 km to 2.5 km
3 bands (GNSS/GPS L1, 2.4 GHz) 6 bands (433 MHz, 868MHz or 915 MHz, GNSS/GPS L1, GNSS/GPS L2, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz) 6 or more bands(433 MHz, 868 MHz or 915 MHz, GNSS/GPS L1, GNSS/GPS L2, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz)
- - 2 hours on battery, unlimited time when connected to power supply
- - 1000 m against multiple drones
Radiation hazard certificate Radiation hazard certificate Radiation hazard certificate
up to 3 kg up to 6 kg approx. 13 kg
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