Anti spy RF detector ST-500 Piranha – professional counter surveillance device

The new generation of Anti spy RF detector ST-500 Piranha is designed to detect many active surveillance devices working on the basis of radio, wire and infrared transmission.

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  • Work time

    Operation time


    up to 4 h (battery)

  • RF frequency range

    Frequency range

    RF - 20 - 6000 MHz

  • Demodulatory


    AM, FM

The Anti spy RF detector ST-500 is the successor of ST-031M Piranha, model with a larger display and an IR sensor added, and the ranges of the spectrum analyzed were changed. Selcom once again shows that it goes with the times and the new model has been adapted to LTL and 5G wireless communication! The lower limit has also been lowered to 20 MHz, which allows the detection of amateur radio transmitters. In addition, great emphasis was placed on the ability to analyze wired power supply lines and lower voltage IT networks. The ST-500 PIRANHA The Anti spy RF detector allows the analysis of detected signals in the spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope modes. The device is controlled using a convenient 12-button keyboard. Connecting the device to a computer and using original software significantly increases the possibilities of searching for the wiretapping device. The device interface is simple and intuitive.

The Anti spy RF detector ST-500 Piranha is equipped with 4 detection channels:

  • SELECTIVE HF SENSOR - for detecting analog and digital (using GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) listening devices transmitting in radio mode in the 20-6000 MHz frequency range;
  • IR DETECTOR - for detecting IR emitters (listening devices using the infrared band to send information);
  • WIRED RECEIVER - or detecting high-frequency signals of listening devices that send information through power lines and low-current lines in the frequency range of100 kHz – 180 MHz;
  • LOW FREQUENCY AMPLIFIER - for detecting low frequency signals of listening devices.

Key features of the The Anti spy RF detector ST-500

  • Detection and location listening devices working in radio frequency;
  • Identification of digital protocols of detected radio signals: GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi;
  • Identification of digital protocols of detected radio signals: GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi;
  • Detection and location of active wired listening devices;
  • Activation of electret cable microphones by applying polarization voltage in the line;
  • Detection and location of wiretapping devices that transmit information via infrared.
The Anti spy RF detector ST-500 Piranha
Frequency range 20 MHz - 6000 MHz
Bandwidth 1 or 20 MHz
Input impedance 50 Ohm
Scanning speed 18 GHz/sec
Unevenness of the characteristic ± 6 dB
Minimal level of signal detection -70 dB
Dynamic range 50 dB
IR detector
IR detection angle 20º
IR bandwidth range 0,75 - 1,1 µm
IR bandwidth 5 MHz
Angle of view of the detector
Min. detection power 10-13 W/Hz1/2
Wired receiver
Operation frequency band 0,1 - 180 MHz
Full range scanning time 2 sec
Minimal detection level -50...-70 dBm
Dynamic range 50 dB
Input impedance 100 Ohm
Types of demodulators AM, FM
Input filter band 180 kHz
Max. input power Wire Receiver 250 V AC/60 V DC
Low frequency enhancer
Operation frequency range 20 -25000 Hz
Input Impedance 200 kOhm
Enhancement, multiplier 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 10
Input voltage 1 V AC/60 V DC
Widmowa gęstość szumu 3 nV/Hz
Spectral noise density +30 V, - 30 V
Other parameters
Operation modes
  • Selective RF detector
  • IR detector
  • Wire receiver
  • Low frequency amplifier
Electricity consumption &ft;1 W
Operation time
  • up to 40 h
  • unlimited - network power supply
full operation time 7 h
Power supply
  • 3,7 V battery
  • 230 V network
Dimensions of the The Anti spy RF detector 165 × 100 × 40 mm
  • main unit: 470 g
  • set: 4 kg
In box
In box
  • Main unit of the Anti spy RF detector ST-500 "PIRANHA"
  • MicroSD player with Ritmix speaker
  • Wire foe Ritmix player
  • 2 crocodile clip cable ends
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Pendrvie with software
  • Connection PC cable
  • 2 telephone adapters
  • Telephone connectors RG45: 8x4, 8x6, 8x8
  • Ritmix headphones
  • Charger
  • Hermetic suitcase NANUK 910
  • ANTI-SHOCK coam filling along with partitions
  • User manual

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