Armasight Avenger 10x long range waterproof monocular for night observations dedicated to military
Armasight Avenger 10x long range waterproof monocular for night observations dedicated to military

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Armasight Avenger 10x long range waterproof monocular for night observations dedicated to military

  • Generation 2+ night vision telescope
  • Armasight Avenger is available in a variety of resolutions
  • Multilayered anti-glare coating
  • Suitable for military applications
  • Resilient – complies with MIL-SPEC-810 standards

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Long range waterproof monocular Armasight Avenger 10x for night observations dedicated to military

Armasight Avenger night vision telescope is dedicated for night-time observation at long distances. The telescope is equipped with 10x magnification optics of the highest quality – exceeding the standards required for contemporary professional military purposes.

  • Resolution

    Resolution of the Armasight Avenger

    min. 45-51 lines/mm

    max. 65-70 lines/mm

  • Zoom



  • Video player

    Work time of the Armasight Avenger

    up to 60 h

  • Waterproof


Armasight Avenger 10x is a professional solution intended for the military, public order services, hunting and wildlife observers, who search for solutions for long distance observation, allowing to see significant details and accurately recognise observed objects in night time conditions.

Avenger 10+ long range waterproof monocular is offered in version with manual gain control which allows the observer to adjust brightness of the image depending on current needs. The eyepiece with diopter regulation allows to adjust the optics to eyesight of the user.

This professional long range monocular is compatible with a long-range illuminator (included), which improves the efficiency of observation and works in extreme conditions without any external residual light. Thanks to additional accessories, such as a tripod and a camera/camcorder adapter, Armasight Avenger telescope is able to operate for a long time and record night vision image.

Armasight Avenger Gen 2+ is an efficient night vision telescope which will satisfy even the most demanding professionals and regular users.

  • Detects dangerous objects

    It is available in versions offering a range of resolutions, as well as in QuickSilver technology, which uses the so-called white phosphor to project grayscale image

    • SD – basic version
    • ID - increased resolution version
    • HD - highest resolution version
    • QuickSilver - grayscale image
  • Ground searching


    The Avenger professional telescope is constructed basing on an efficient generation 2+ image intensifier, which guarantees projection very bright and clear image even in poor lighting conditions. This generation of night vision devices is characterized by a very high light amplification factor (50000 times) and high efficiency. Avenger is equipped in generation 2+ intensifier, which guarantees the ability to conduct observations in very difficult lighting conditions, and high efficiency.

  • Waterproof casing


    Ergonomic, solid casing was made from composites guaranteeing resilience and long lifespan, while maintaining low weight at the same time. It complies with MIL-SPEC-810 standards, which ensures high durability, water resistance (including salt water), and a wide scope of working temperatures.

  • Remote control


    The Armasight Avenger's image intensifier utilises MCP micro-channel plates, which increase the efficiency of the device. Every incident photon falling on the photocathode's surface causes dislocation of electrons, which then are multiplied by multiple collisions with the surface of an MCP plate, a result of acceleration caused by the potential differene between the electrodes. As a result, much more intensive stream of electrons falls on the screen covered with luminophore, projecting much brighter and clear image.

  • Integrated led flashlight

    Bright light cut-off system

    Armasight Avenger professional telescope features a built-in system protecting the device against too intensive light, which switches the device when exposed to conditions which might cause damage to the intensifier.

  • Alarms of operation status

    Very convenient power supply

    The telescope is powered by either a CR123 or an AA battery.

  • Long work time


    Thanks to efficient power management, Armasight Avenger can work for up to 60 hours on single CR123 battery!

Most important features of the Avenger professional long range monocular for military

  • Generation 2+ amplifier
  • durable composite construction, resilient and lightweight
  • very high water (including salt water), shock and weather conditions resistance
  • intended for long range observation
  • 10x magnification highest quality optics
  • ergonomic and very easy to operate, even with gloves on
  • XLR850 long range IR illuminator included
  • installation on tripod for long-term observation.



Armasight is a flourishing small American company which is known for modern optical-electronic systems . Night-vision devices of great quality are designed by fiends who intend to construct basic devices for amateurs, but also night-vision devices, goggles and binoculars...


Specification of Armasight Avenger 10x professional long range monocular for military
1 1× CR123A battery
Image amplifier of the Armasight Avenger
  • 2+ generation
  • versions: SD, ID, HD, QS
Resolution of the Armasight Avenger
  • SD: 45-51 lines/mm
  • ID: 47-54 lines/mm
  • HD: 65-70 lines/mm
  • QS: 47-54 lines/mm (white phosphor)
Lens systemF/2.13, 192 mm
Angle of view5.2°
Depth of focus50 m to ∞
Coatinganti-glare mulitlayerd
Diopter adjustment-5 to +5
IR indicator
  • yes
  • within field of vision
Power supply of the Armasight Avenger
  • 1 × CR123A, 3 V battery
  • 1 × AA 1.5 V battery
  • any battery in CR123A/AA format with 1.2-3.2 voltage
Work time 1
  • with IR illuminator – up to 12 h
  • without IR illuminator – up to 60 h
Low battery indicator
  • yes
  • within field of vision
Magnification controlmanual MGC
Manual gain controlyes
Bright light cut-offyes
Automatic shut-off systemyes
Operating temperature-40°C to +50°C
Storing temperature of the Armasight Avenger-50°C to +70°C
Environmental rating
  • water and fog-resistant
  • increased salt water, fog and rain resistance
  • complies MIL-810F standard
Dimension288 × 100 × 100 mm
Weight1.33 kg


  • Armasight Avenger 10x long range waterproof monocular for night observations dedicated to military
  • XLR-IR850 detachable x-long range infrared illuminator w/dovetail to weaver transfer piece #21
  • Hard Shipping/Storage Case (F200) #102 – transport case for sights and thermovision and night vision straps
  • CR123A battery
  • Lens tissue
  • User's manual in English
  • Warranty – 24 months

Additional accessories

  • Tripod with a grip
  • Camera Adapter #47 (for most 35mm SLR photo cameras and 8mm cameras)


Reviews (2)

By Noah R.

Comment : Highly professional monocular dedicated to advanced users or amateurs with too much money ;). But seriously - this gear has much potential …!
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By John T.

Comment : costs an arm and a leg but professional equipment with advanced techincal solutions is never cheap
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