Audio jammer Infratornado 2200 from Selcom for jamming of microphones, dictaphones, wiretaps and other types of listening devices


  • Please Note!
  • Clients and specialists who tested Infratornado, stated that I have very high efficiency, over 98% of microphones..
  • Infratornado manufacturer works on the highest efficiency every day.
  • The design, technology, solution, etc. is unique.
  • Infratornado - No electromagnetic radiation. Made in EU
  • If you have questions, please contact

Infratornado® 2020 is an innovative device in the field of information protection in the form of a suitcase in full camouflage. Effectively protects confidential conversations, deliberations, business conferences and secret meetings from eavesdroppers and registrars.

  • Scope

    Range of the aydio jammer

    up to 3 m

  • Operation time

    Continuous operation time

    up to 3 h

  • Power supply


  • Jamming signal level

    Frequency range

    433,92 MHz ISM

Infratornado is a new product of Selcom, which designs and produces highly specialized equipment for professional applications. The audio jammer operates in the amateur frequencies band 433.92 MHz, so the noise generator jams microphones which are applied in pioneer mobile phones such as iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Sony and etc. All kinds of video cameras with microphones and voice recorders both amateur and professional ones will also become useless in the vicinity of this noise generator.

The Infratornado® 2020 device uses a unique system to generate jamming signals that are dynamically variable in the time. The comparative tests carried out show that this system provides about 30 percent more effective jamming of listening devices than other available jammers this type. In addition, proper placement of ultrasonic transducers has allowed to reduce harmful negative interference (quenching) of emitted jamming waves. It is recommended that after 45 minutes of staying within the range of the device, take a break of about 15 minutes (Not obligatory). Attention: Within the reach of the Infratornado® 2020 device should absolutely not stay pregnant women, people under 18 and animals (dogs, cats).

The Infratornado® 2020 device has no built-in programmable processors with volatile and non-volatile memory, ROM, PROM, EPROM or EEPROM and no radio transmitters, receivers, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GSM and no other ...

Jamming microphones of such popular devices like:

    • smartphones - iPhone, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC smartphones and many others,
    • iPads and tablets,
    • microphones in professional voice recorders Edic or those in credit cards etc,
    • microphones in wireless video cameras.

  • Important!
  • When using supersonic microphone jamming technology it is necessary to remember about limitations resulting from the laws of physics. Effectiveness of jamming depends on the device - the design of some microphones is more susceptive to jamming than of others. For that reason, the maximum effective range of the device can fluctuate around several times. Ultrasounds also bounce off the surface, but they can not penetrate most materials to a great depth, so it is advisable to use the right number of equipment and its location in the room to provide the best security to the privacy of the conversations.
  • The device does not guarantee 100% of the jamming performance, but it outperforms competing solution with its configuration for high performance against microphone in devices such as voice recorders, eavesdropping and seismic microphones, microphones in computers, headsets, cameras and cell phones.
Specification of the audio jammer from Selcom Infratornado 2200
Noise type acoustic
Type of work: a multi-channel system for generating jamming signals dynamically changing in the time
The most effective range from 0.5 to 3 meters
Maximum range: not determined (depending on the wiretap, a range of up to about 10 meters should be assumed)
Different ultrasonic emitters: 60 emitters in the range 25-40 kHz
Maximum level of interfering signal: 80 dB at a distance of 1m
Operational direction of the Infratornado® 2020: 60 ° horizontal and vertical
Power supply: internal gel battery 12V / 7Ah (SLA) - (QAPTEC0022)
Signaling of the charging process: red diode; fully charged: green diode
Protection against unauthorized opening: additional internal locks
Securing the suitcase after unauthorizedopening: reinforced internal construction.
Protection against unauthorized opening: additional internal locks
Generators' direction 70°
Signal level 117 dB
Operation in bandwidth 433,92 MHz
Inaudible yes
  • digital and analog dictaphones
  • dictaphones in cell phones
  • all microphones in wiretapping devices
  • camera microphones
Signalling discreet diodes hidden in a case
Operation time of the audio jammer up to 7 h
Maximum charging time for a completely discharged battery: up to 10 hours
Operation temperature ° to + 40 ° C (32 ° -104 ° Fahrenheit)
Weight of the audio jammer 7-8 kg
Dimensions 44 × 33 × 10
Warranty: 2 years, Made in EU.
In box
In box
  • Infratornado Audio jammer from Selcom
  • Set of wireless remote control
  • User manual

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