Audio-video recorder ELP-MDR504S for driving exam centres and for the police
Audio-video recorder ELP-MDR504S for driving exam centres and for the police

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Audio-video recorder ELP-MDR504S for driving exam centres and for the police

  • Recording in D1 resolution
  • 4 cameras connected
  • Recording in different modes
  • Video saved on: external drives, USB memory sticks, SD cards
  • Access to recording secured by password

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Audio-video recorder ELP-MDR504S for controlling national driving license exams

A/V recorder ELP-MDR504S is the smallest mobile CCTV recorder in its class. Due to a great number of its features, in conjunction with outdoor cameras, it makes it possible to control the national driving license exam.

  • 3G connection



  • Data storage

    Data storage

    64 GB memory cards

    Hard drives

    USB memory stick

  • Environment monitoring


    via application

  • Start-up time

    Start-up time

    up to 20 s

CCTV recorder ELP-MDR504S is a fully mobile device designed with the use of the latest technologies, combination of which enabled to create a mobile monitoring that can be applied during control of the national exam in the examination vehicles, by logistic companies during international supplies, by public transport companies e.g. in urban transport, railway or in taxis. The device has 4 camera inputs, which makes both a driver and a passenger feel safe. The CCTV recorder features RJ45 (Ethernet) input to connect a mobile router for the recorder to communicate with any other mobile device.

  • Cards and hard drives

    Data storage

    To store the video footage it is necessary to equip your recorder with a removable memory card of the maximum supported capacity up to 64 GB or a portable mass storage as a USB stick or a hard drive with anti-shock protection.

  • Ustawienia kamer

    Setup of cameras

    The A/V recorder can support maximum 4 cameras which can capture video images individually and independently of one other. Software allows the user to setup e.g. simultaneous recording by chosen cameras and live-view display by other cameras. Image from the cameras can be stored in resolution 2/3 D1 480×384 (PAL), 480×320 (NTSC) and in D1 720×576 (PAL) or 720×480 (NTSC). It is possible to setup a separate resolution parameter for each camera.

  • Resolution D1

    D1 resolution

    The device allows you to record video in D1 resolution in PAL/NTSC format. It is possible to setup 4 groups of different resolutions (Basic, Normal, Good, High) for the above specified formats. D1 resolution is one of key requirements for devices used by driving exam centres and by the police.

  • Work modes

    Recording modes

    Software of the recorder makes it possible to adjust the recording to you individual needs. Continuous recording is dedicated for driving exam centres during national driving license exams, while recording at the engine start or in the motion detection mode are dedicated to taxi drivers. Additionally, the device can be operated in a schedule mode.

  • Data storage

    Video fotage

    Generated images can be stored in separate folders for each camera individually or in one joint file. The video footage can be split into 5 to 60 minutes files, in 5 minutes intervals. Th size of a file depends on the selected image resolution and it can be from 350 kB/s to 1500 kB/s.

  • Video marking

    Footage labelling

    The collected footage can be labelled with a date, time and the vehicle plate number. This is crucial if the recording is to be used as an evidence in court.

  • Housing a/v

    Protection housing

    The car A/V recorder is arranged in a lockable resistant metal frame case which protects the device from sudden cables unplug, devastation and, additionally, it stabilizes the recorder operation.

  • Status indicators

    Status LED indicators

    There are 5 LED diodes in the back of the device to signal correct configuration and proper operation of the audio-video recorder (power, operation, alarms, SD card and recording mode).

Set up your own mobile recording set

  • Black and white camera AD-120

    Black and white camera AD-120

    AD 120 camera intended for the use at night. High-resolution image is generated in black and white.

  • HC-01 camera

    AD-130 camera

    AD-130 camera is a small high-sensitivity and high-resolution camera. It features clear images of good quality.

  • Sensitive AD-130 with high image resolution

    AD-125 camera

    Camera AD-125 is a small device based on the CCTV technology, generating very clear image thanks to the applied CCD 1/3" Sony matrix.

  • HD wire

    HD cable

    HD cable is an extremely important feature as it supplies power to the camera. Adjust the right length of the cable to the type of your vehicle. W offer 6.2 and 9 meter long cables.


Consultancy and installation of the device
Our service technicians offer full consultancy in equipment selection, configuration and service. We can provide on-site installation at a price depending on the number of the used cameras


Specification of the audio-video recorder ELP-MDR504S
1 Proper power supply should be selected 2,5 A
The number of video/audio inputs4 channels
Audio codingG711
Recording formatAVI
The number of video/audio outputs1 channel
Start-up time< 20 s
Password protectionyes
Video compressionH.264
Video formatPAL/NTSC
Recording frequency100 fps (PAL), 120 fps (NTSC)
Operation start
  • at launch
  • according to a schedule
  • continuous recording
  • according to the set alarms, for example after exceeding a certain speed
  • PAL - 1280×1024
  • NTSC - 1248×832
Resolution D1
  • Basic - PAL 480×384, NTSC 480×320
  • Normal - PAL 720×576, NTSC 720×480
  • Good - PAL 720×576, NTSC 720×480
  • High - PAL 720×576, NTSC 720×480
Data storage
  • memory cards up to 64 GB
  • USB flash drive
  • hard disc
Audio compressionG.711 (8 bit, 8 kHz)
  • LAN - 1(RJ-45) 10M / 100M Ethernet port
  • 2 RS-232 port, 1 RS-485 port
  • USB 2.0
  • Speed
  • Different lights
  • At stops and movement
Operation temperature-10° - 60°C
Admissible humidity5% - 95%
Power supply8V - 32 V
Cameras power supplysupplied by recorder 1
Wymiary12×9×2 cm
Wagaok. 300 g


  • Audio-video recorder ELP-MDR504S for driving exam centres and for the police
  • Protective housing with a key
  • a/v input wiring
  • a/v output
  • Power cord
  • Wireless remote control
  • Safety catches
  • Through bolts
  • User manual


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By Jacob K.

Comment : No drawbacks found for now
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By Jordan M.

Comment : we are very happy with how the recorder works and what it has to offer in terms of various features.
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