Best certified breathalyser AlcoFind DA-7100 / BACtrack Element
Best certified breathalyser AlcoFind DA-7100 / BACtrack Element

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Best certified breathalyser AlcoFind DA-7100 / BACtrack Element

  • Range: 0.00 ‰ to 5.00 ‰
  • Best accuracy: 0.05 ‰
  • Replaceable electrochemical sensor
  • Testing units:  ‰
  • Quality certificates!

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Certified breathalyser AlcoFind DA-7100 / BACtrack Element. Best on the market.

The DA-7100 is a model of a Korean brand DATech. Perfect for both private and professional usage, e.g. in hospitals, schools or to test employees in companies.

Best breathalyser-alcofind-da-7100

This certified breathalyser offers a wide measurement range - up to 5 ‰ and repeatability of results (0.05 ‰). Measurement results can be also displayed in mg/l. The DA-7100 construction is based on the highly efficient electrochemical sensor so that the readings are much more reliable than in conventional semiconductor systems. A high quality sensor offers great stability and durability. A calibration is required after up to 500 measurements (but not less frequently than once a year). In addition, the breathalyser has a built-in counter of measurements and monitors sensor status before each measurement (which prevents doing the test if sensor is not completely cleared of alcohol vapours left over from the previous measurements). Using the breathalyser is facilitated by sound notification of readiness to measure, an auto power off function and a low battery indication system.

The DA- 7100 breathalyser is the best solution for both home users and companies. It offers a high-performance electrochemical sensor, wide measuring range, high precision, repeatability and user-friendlinessy. It is certified and quality tested.

Advantages of AlcoFind DA-7100

  • Pre-recording


    An electronic counter keeps track of how many measurements have been performed, and will remind you when the next calibration is due.

  • Recording activation


    Proper operation is checked by a built-in status-monitoring sensor , so that you do not have to worry about the state of the breathalyser.

  • Recording schedule


    The breathalyser uses advanced electronic components, allowing it to provide results with an accuracy of 0.05% , which is comparable to the results of breathalysers used by the police. The breathalyser selectively measures alcohol molecules and avoids incorrect measurements so it can obtain true results.

  • Sounds


    An audible buzzer makes carrying out the alcohol test easier. The sounds indicate readiness to measure. They tell you when to stop exhaling, and they also warn when the battery is low.

  • Long battery life


    An energy-saving design allows you to perform up to 1000 tests on a single set of batteries.

Service and warranty

  • Service and warranty

    The warranty covers a period of 5 years on electronics parts and one year on the sensor. To take advantage of the warranty you have to strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for calibration, that it needs to be done maximum every 500 measurements and least once a year.

We offer you the opportunity to use service and warranty repairs conducted by trained service technicians. Our laboratory is equipped with the highest quality equipment of the global brand GUTH Lab.

FREE initial calibration

In order to use the first free calibration, please keep the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) and warranty. Please contact Detective Store service representative after maximum 500 measurements or no longer than one year from the date of equipment purchase. The calibration will be done for free!

Quality guarantee

Quality assurance

Detective Store Company is an authorized distributor and importer to the United Kingdom. Therefore, we ensure that you receive genuine products directly from the manufacturer, who guarantees the authenticity and high quality of their merchandise.
This device complies with RoHS environmental directive, has the CE certification and is certified to ISO 9001, CE, FDA and NF.

AlcoFind is a new commercial brand on the market formerly known as Alcoscent.



The AlcoFind company is a newest incarnation of the former DA Tech Co., Ltd (AlcoScent) corporation. The company was founded in South Korea in 2002 and since then it has become a world leader in producing a wide range of various types of breathalyzers . AlcoFind products are...


Specification of certified AlcoFind DA-7100 / BACtrack Element breathalyser
1 at a concentration of 1 ‰, temperature 25°C 2 at a concentration of 0.50 mg/l, temperature 25°
Measurement range
  • 0.00 ‰ to 5.00 ‰
  • 0.00 mg/l to 2.5 mg/l
Measurement accuracy
  • ± 0.05 ‰ 1
  • ± 0.025 mg/l 2
Sensorelectrochemical fuel cell
Testing units: ‰
Measurement time10 s
Warm-up time18 s
Recovery time20 s
Displayfour-digit LCD with backlight
Power supply2 × AAA battery
Operating temperature5°C ~ 40°C
Dimensions48 × 120 × 20 mm
Weight93 g
Warrantysensor - 12 months; electronics - 5 years


  • AlcoFind DA-7100 breathalyser
  • Reusable mouthpieces - 6 pieces
  • AAA batteries - 2 pieces
  • Wrist strap
  • Soft cover
  • User manual
  • Warranty:
    • electronic components - 5 years
    • sensor - 12 months (with calibration carried out in accordance with the recommendations)


Reviews (11)

By Alex B.

Comment : I can honestly recommend this model and whole detective store -> good job mates !
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By Callum C.

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By Charles C.

Comment : HAs many useful functions like it switches off automatically, , indicates when battery is low , makes sound when ready to use
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By Shan H.

Comment : wide range of measurements
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By Courtney G.

Comment : my uncle hates technology but even he is able to operate this easy-peasy breathaLYZER ;)
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By Wright P.

Comment : Has eveything you may need - built-in counter, sensor, sound notificastions,automatic power off, low battery indicator - All of this for not much money!
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By MAndy J.

Comment : was looking for a breathalyzer that displays results in mg/l and AlcoFind DA-7100 has this option …..
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By Abigail W.

Comment : Thanks to this product I chose a bus instead of my car and escaped probable serious consequences
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By Mourice W.

Comment : here it is cheaper than in other shops and I checked quite a few so if you value your money choose detective store
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By Ms. P. P.

Comment : I have had it for more than a yer , performed hundreds of test and have not needed to change the batteries yet, extremely efficient model .
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By Mark S.

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