Best portable breathalyzer AlcoScan AL-8000
Best portable breathalyzer AlcoScan AL-8000

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Best portable breathalyzer AlcoScan AL-8000

  • Range: 0.00‰ - 4.00‰
  • 0.05‰ precision
  • Advanced electrochemical fuel cell sensor
  • Auto-control of proper functioning
  • First calibration is for free!

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Modern portable AL-8000 electrochemical breathalyser

AL-8000 model is a portable breathalyser of the reputed Korean brand SenTech, specialised in production of advanced equipment for testing breath samples for alcohol content. Best design, solid workmanship and highest class components are the chief assets of offered breathalysers.

Portable breathalyser AL-8000

AL-8000 portable Breathalyser is not only aesthetically designed, but also a equipped with an advanced electrochemical sensor with platinum alloys. It guarantees stable work and reliable results of testing.

The examination present results up to 4‰, while the sensor ensures precision of 0.05‰. The outcome allows to determine the real alcohol level in a breath sample. The results are displayed on the 3-digit LED screen. The device is small, stand-alone and portable so it can be used anywhere!

Other advantages of portable AL-8000

  • Air flow sensor


    Integrated sensor controls the amount of taken air, which is required for correct measurement.

  • Sensor Type


    The sensor features a function of auto-control, which allows to check for the presence of contaminants affecting the measurement result. If there are remains of the previous test in the system (e.g. alcohol vapours), the breathalyser will clean itself automatically and will be ready for next examination.



    A convenient function counting all the conducted measurements. It allows to perform a calibration of the breathalyser after 1000 tests.



    Modern solutions used in the best designed AL-8000 model allow to detect the alcohol within the range of 0‰-4‰ and with precision of 0.05‰.



    The sounds inform the user about the appliance being ready to perform the measurement and about drawing in enough air.

Service and warranty

  • Service and warranty

    The warranty covers a period of 5 years on electronics parts and one year on the sensor. To take advantage of the warranty you have to strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for calibration, that it needs to be done maximum every 1000 measurements and least once a year.

We offer you the opportunity to use service and warranty repairs conducted by trained service technicians. Our laboratory is equipped with the highest quality equipment of the global brand GUTH Lab.

First calibration is free of charge

To get the first calibration free of charge, please keep the proof of purchase of the breathalyser (receipt, invoice) and warranty certificate. After maximally 1000 measurements and no longer than after one year after the date of purchase, contact Detective Store service, and the calibration will be performed free of charge!

Kalibracja Guth Laboratories

Detective Store company is an authorized distributor and importer for the United Kingdom, so we can guarantee that you receive a product of the highest quality, straight from the manufacturer.
The device complies the RoHS environmental directive and has CE, ISO 9001, FDA, NF certificates.




Sentech Korea Corp . was founded in 1998 as Korean company which used knowledge and experience of a reputed research institute. Basing on technologies of semiconductor sensors , Sentech designs modern and elegant breathalysers and professional gas detectors . Sentech's...


Specification of portable AL-8000 breathalyser
1 conditions: 0.5‰ concentration, temperature 25°C.2 2 depending on batteries used
Measurement range
  • 0.00‰ – 4.00‰
Accuracy+/- 0,05‰ 1
Sensor typeElectrochemical fuel cell with platinum alloys
Warm-up time15 s
Measurement time20 s
Power supply2 × AAA battery
Battery work timeup to 1000 tests 2
Required calibration
  • at least once every 12 months
  • maximally every 1000 measurements
  • LCD back-lit
  • 3digits
Work temperature5°C to 40°C
Dimension100 × 44 × 15 mm
Weight66 g


  • Portable AlcoScan AL-8000 Breathalyser
  • 2x reusable mouthpieces
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Cover
  • User's manual in English
  • Warranty:
    • electronics - 5 years
    • sensor – 12 months (if calibrated according to recommendations)


Reviews (10)

By Alexander B.

Comment : cheap delvery straight to my door, good contact with the store, reiable suppport,
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By Amelia B.

Comment : I like its sleek look & simplicity of use
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By Brandon C.

Comment : NO minuses for now
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By Jay T.

Comment : My husband likes to have a beer or two with his lunch and I was worried that he may get caught so I bought him this portable breathalyzer and I worry no more. ...
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By Tom W.

Comment : super fast delivery, im happy with it
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By James E.

Comment : What can I write…. fits in my glove compartment, it's light but solidly made , works with no hiccups, only two batteries needed - it was a good choce
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By Laur D.

Comment : first calibration for free is a nice treat :D :D
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By JEss B.

Comment : efficient, good price, works as described. 2 mouthpieces are provided, and 2 batteries. and also a useful cover.
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By Charles W.

Comment : modern design and looks solid. Clear led screen
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By Mark S.

Comment : geberally ok, could have more mouthpieces in the set
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