Bike GPS tracker in a handlebars - GPS-305
Bike GPS tracker in a handlebars - GPS-305

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Bike GPS tracker in a handlebars - GPS-305

  • Scheduled tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Motion sensor of the Bike GPS tracker
  • Tracking accuracy up to 5 m
  • Operation time of the Bike GPS tracker up to 30 days

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Bike GPS tracker in a handlebars - GPS-305

The Bike GPS tracker GPS-305 is installed in a bicycle's head tube (the most popular standard: A-Head 1 1/8") just under the top cap. The GPS-305 tracker is not a security measure for bicycles, but an alternative tool, useful for locating the bicycle in case it is stolen.

  • GPS location

    GPS tracking

    accuracy up to 5 m

  • Location


    on demand


  • GPS receiver

    GPS antenna


  • Work time

    Operation time

    some 30 days

The Bike GPS tracker GPS-305 head tube locator was designed to be installed in the least expected of places. A bicycle's head tube is very important element that cannot be remove without a set of appropriate tools. This gives the users of GPS-305 a better chance of finding stolen bicycles than users of other similar devices, which can be simply removed and thrown away.

GPS-305 bike tracker in a handlebars is a perfect solution for cases when traditional locks do not prevent a bicycle from being stolen. It is completely invisible, placed in a head tube, easy to handle and install. It is the most frequently chosen GPS transmitter and the most frequenty utilised alternative supplement for regular bicycle security.

Key features of GPS-305 bike GPS tracker

  • Energy source

    Power supply

    The GPS bike tracker is powered by a 700mAh Li-Poly battery. Operation time depends on the selected reporting mode, from 5 hours in case of multiple reports per day, to 30 days in standby mode.

  • Text message commands

    Text message commands

    The device can be operated by means of text message commands sent to the number of the SIM card installed in the tracker. It is possible to configure up to 5 authorized numbers.

  • On-demand location

    On-demand location

    In case of theft it is possible to locate the bicycle quickly – in response to a text message command, a message is being sent, containing a link to a map with the device's position marked.

  • Geofencing

    GeoFence - safety zones

    Allows to set “safety zones”, within which the tracked person can move freely. Upon crossing its border, the administrator is being sent a notification.


The SIM must be active, unprotected by PIN codes, and have sufficient funds assigned for sending text messages and data transfer.


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Specification of the Bike GPS tracker in a handlebars GPS-305
1 full sky visibility 2 removable 3 no batteries
GPS bandL1, 1575.42MHz
GPS antenaintegrated
Sensitivity of the Bike GPS trackertypical: -159 dBm
  • location: up to 5 m
  • supported by SBAS: ~5 - 10 m
  • speed: 0,1m/s
Launch time of the Bike GPS tracker 1
  • Cold Start: 60s (average)
  • Warm Start: < 30s
  • Hot Start: < 1s
  • chipset GSTARGS-92U7
  • 56 channels
Quad GSM module850/900/1800/1900MHz
Power supply of the Bike GPS tracker in a handlebarsaccumulator Li-Poly 700mAh 2
Charging voltage3,7V DC
Voltage of external accumulator3,5 – 4,5V
Operation time
  • in sleep mode: up to 30 days
  • 20 reports a day: up to 5 h
Charging timeup to 5 h
Operation temperature-20°C - 70°C
Admissible humidity5 - 95%
Sizeφ23,5 × 110mm
Weight of the Bike GPS tracker 350 g


  • Locator for accumulator Li-Poly 700mAh, 3,7V
  • Network charger
  • Mounting screw M6
  • Inductive key of the Bike GPS tracker
  • User manual

Reviews (5)

By Nicholas B.

Comment : What I like : affordbale price, quite long operation time , accurate tracking, geofencing feautre. Definitely high grade of 5 stars.
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By John C.

Comment : great idea! I would never thought that you can hide a gps tracker4 in a handlebar!
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By Joey P.

Comment : thanks to setting a safety zone I know if my kid is too far from home
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By Joel O.

Comment : many bikes have beeen stolen in my neighbourhood so after some researcg and talking with my mates I visited the detective store and bought this GPS305. The biggest plus is that it is hideen so the bike looks like a normal one . So if somebody tries to steal it we may even catch the thief!
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By Chelsea P.

Comment : I am a professional biker and my gear is quite expensive. I would really got mad if it got stolen…
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