What do Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Benjamin Gates and the Goonies have in common? They all are fictional characters, of course, but they are also treasure hunters. One was looking for valuable artifacts, one for riches hidden in ancient tombs, one for lost valuables from the US history and last for ancient pirates treasure.

They all were adventurous and extremely successful as treasure hunters, but we believe that their struggles would be much easier if their equipment contained a metal detector. This is an instrument that detects the presence of metal, no matter if it is buried underground, placed under water or hidden within another object.

In our offer of metal detectors you may find products from two top companies specializing in this kind of devices: Garret and Nokta, popular among both amateurs and professionals. They are characterized with best quality, high operating frequency, detection of different types of metals and durable design.

Below you will find examples of different metal detectors they offer. The ranking was made with the focus on different features and applications of the detectors.

Hand held

One of the simplest and thus the cheapest metal detectors are the handheld ones. They are small, easy to carry, lightweight and compact. Garret offers a waterproof metal detector AT PRO-POINTER that can be easily held in a hand. It is waterproof, dust resistant, and thank to its bright orange color, it can be easily seen under water or on the ground, while lost and buried under leaves. It contains LED diode that enables searching in the dark, automatic calibration, and precise object location. This device is small, yet very efficient. Due to its compact size, it is recommended for beginners who start their adventure with treasure hunting.


If you are not crazy about treasure hunting and you don’t need top-notch device, Garret Ace 150 would be a perfect choice for you. It is a standard device containing all necessary features, like three modes of operation, discrimination of all types of metal and high frequency operation allowing to detect even very small objects. It is relatively cheap while compared with more professional metal detectors but it is as efficient as the expensive ones. It does not have extra features like 3D imaging or artificial intelligence but will work just fine in all types of terrain, even underwater. Perfect choice for less-demanding users!


Treasures may be hidden everywhere – dug in the sand, under stones and even under water. Nokta PulsDive metal detector detects valuables both on land and underwater but its water resistance feature is the function that distinguishes this model. It may be submerged at a depth of up to 60 meters and salty water will not cause any damage to the device. It is perfect for exploration on beaches, dunes, and shallow waters. It contains a diving mode adapted for searching at great depths and protecting the device from being pressed down by high water pressure.


The most professional device of all. The model Nokta Makro Invenio is so advanced and high-tech that it may be used by archaeologists. It is equipped with artificial intelligence that enables detailed analysis of the find, including its’ discrimination, location and dimensions. This metal detector can work in one of three frequencies that enable efficient search for low and medium conductive metals. The device can detect finds of wide variety – jewelry, coins, ammunition, gold nuggets, relics. The detector is also perfect for finding anomalies and soil cavities like underground caves and tunnels. Due to its outstanding features and refinement it may be used by professionals and even archaeologists.

For kids

If you are already into treasure hunting and want to inspire your kids, you may try Nokta Makro Mini Hoard for kids. It is perfect for children aged 4-8 years. It is smaller and lighter than the version for adults. It is easy to use and despite its small size, it works as effectively as devices designed for adults. This metal detector is waterproof, dust and moisture resistant, has intuitive interface and colorful casing what makes it a perfect choice for your child who wants to start an adventure with treasure hunting.

Treasure hunting with the use of a metal detector may be not only fascinating hobby, but also a source of marvelous finds. There are numerous treasures on the list of the greatest metal detecting finds of all time – 385-year-old gold chalice, largest gold nugget ever found in the Western hemisphere, gold Iron Age necklaces or a two-pound meteor. No matter if you find valuable coins or only a bottle cap – treasure hunting with metal detector is still something what can be a source of fun and excitement. Get a metal detector and feel like Indiana Jones looking for the Lost Ark!

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