Alcohol is a psychoactive substance known an used all over the world. In spite of the fact that alcohol is widely accepted, it is important to test its level in the blood especially if you are going to drive a car. The procedure of alcohol testing might be performed by the police in almost all countries. However, the procedures are different among various regions of the world. The legal regulations do not determine the acceptable amount of alcohol in the blood globally. The drivers must be obviously sober but the permissible amount of alcohol varies among the drivers from different countries. It is also important to point to the fact that alcohol tests may be performed by the police in various circumstances. This article will focus on the UK will be point of the focus considering its norms, regulations and testing procedures.

Testing procedure

How does the procedure itself look like? Let‘s focus on a driver being tested by the police in the UK. Here are some regulations as mentioned in The Road Traffic Act from 1988:

  • A person who drives a mechanically propelled car on a road must stop the car while asked by a constable  in   uniform or a traffic officer
  • A person who rides a bike on a road have to stop while asked by a person uniform or a traffic officer
  • If a person refuses to cooperate with this section he is considered guilty

When the vehicle is stopped, the police may perform a variety of actions depending on the circumstances. If the driver behaves in an inappropriate way the police has a right to perform a test. The police always tests the alcohol level of the drivers in case of accidents. If a person refuses to perform a test they are considered guilty. The test might be also performed if:

  • The person admitted that they had drank alcohol
  • The police officer smells alcohol
  • The person‘s face is strange or they have bloodshot or glazed eyes or any other visible signs of possible intoxication
  • The person‘s reactions are slowed down
  • The way in which they were driving was not heedful
  • The police was provided with information considering a strange driver who is believed to be drunk while driving

It is worth to mention that the breathalyzers used by the police must be licensed, well-calibrated and tested. A professional police-grade breathalyzer  is available at our store.

Above the limits

What if the presence of alcohol is detected in the blood of the driver? The amount of alcohol in the breath sample should not exceed the admissible value of limit of 35 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath or 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood or 107 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine. If the amount of alcohol is exceeded, the police has a right to arrest the driver and temporarily take his driving licence away. Additionally, if the result is much different after performing the test again, the driver may be taken to the police station in order to perform tests of different kinds. The urine of the driver can be also test in the further process. If the alcohol levels are highly above the limits the driver may be sent to prison and wait for the court, especially if he had caused an accident.


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Don't risk

If you want to perform an efficient and reliable alcohol test choose a breathalyzer from our offer. Make sure that your blood alcohol level is below the norm and avoid unpleasant situations. Remember that driving after drinking is very dangerous not only for you, but also for other participants of the traffic. Ensure safety of yourself and others! Alcohol itself is not bad or forbidden substance. It is just important to control its amount while driving or performing any other function requiring total sobriety. Police control is not the only way of monitoring the amount of alcohol in your blood. You may perform the test yourself by using either professional or domestic breathalyzer available at our store. Make sure that your alcohol level meets all of the norms and requirements of the UK law and regulations.
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