The anonymous mask is a well-known symbol in the culture. It is used by groups usually associated with the fight for freedom. However, few know that it has its roots in an event where many innocent people were about to be killed. Find out what exactly anonymous face mask means.

The anonymous mask and the English conspiracy

Not everyone knows that the look of the anonymous mask was inspired by an event that happened many centuries ago!

The characteristic mask with an ironic smile appeared thanks to Guy Fawkes. He was an English military officer and member of a group of Catholics who took part in an assassination attempt known as the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.

His goal was to assassinate James I – King of Scotland and England, and representatives of the House of Lords (bishops, nobles). However, the assassination did not succeed. Guy Fawkes was found with 36 barrels of gunpowder in the basement of the UK Parliament.

The group of conspirators was tortured. Despite this, Fawkes fierceness and determination won the admiration of King James I, who described him as a person of “great firmness.”

Eventually, the assassins were sentenced to death by hanging and having their corpses quartered.

To avoid this cruel punishment, Guy Fawkes committed suicide on the day of the execution. He died of a broken neck after jumping from the gallows.

The man remained implacable to the end.

Guy Fawkes - the face of the assassin

Guy Fawkes and other members of the group were not immediately remembered as positive figures. Their plot was widely criticized. The King of Englands avoidance of death was commemorated with a holiday. Since then, every year on November 5, Londoners have remembered the event and celebrated it pompously.

In 1841 William Harrison Ainsworth published a play describing the conspirator in a positive light and began a shift in public awareness.

In the following years, Fawkes likeness was seen on effigies prepared by children in the 18th century, and later (in the 20th century) distributed and sold in comic stores as a grotesque face covering.

It is worth mentioning that the celebration of the anniversary of the unrealized assassination was once celebrated with pomp on a par with Halloween. Only later was it supplanted by the latter celebration.

Vendetta Face Mask

For the first time the mask in pop culture was popularized by the authors of the comic book V for Vendetta from 1982. The main character dressed in a cape and a mask with the likeness of Fawkes fought against the authoritarian state from the future.

It was a tribute to the assassin, who, according to the authors, should be remembered as a hero who fought against injustice.

The 2006 film adaptation of the comic book with the same title brought the mask its greatest popularity. It was then that protesting groups began to use it to hide their faces.

The first protest using the face covering is believed to be a protest against the Church of Scientology, known as Project Chanology.

Interestingly, those using the image at the same time even were in opposing camps of protesters! It was only later that it was attributed to this particular grouping.

Anonymous face mask - a symbol of resistance

It was not until 2008 that the face mask began to be associated unambiguously with Anonymous. It was then that it finally gained its attributed meaning.

Anonymous face mask – what does it mean?

-the fight against the ruling system


-fighting against social injustice

-breaking the law in the service of the “good”

-people ready for anything

To this day, a full understanding of the Anonymous mask symbol is difficult. This should not be surprising. It is enough to recall how ambiguous its model was – Guy Fawkes.

The activists united by this characteristic object are both good and bad. Our opinion depends only on our point of view. This fact is well reflected in the appearance of the mask: on the one hand smiling, and on the other mocking and ironic.

Mask Anonymous - where to buy?

The Anonymous mask is extremely popular. You can buy it stationary and online. In addition, on the web you can find the anonymous mask to print.

There is no original, certified model and you can order it virtually anywhere. Replicas do not differ from each other – they all show the same appearance: pointed beard, ironic smile and red cheeks. The design corresponds to the items used in protests and masquerades around the world.

The size of the anonymous mask is usually universal and allows any size of face to be covered. At the same time, it provides anonymity and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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