Professional coronavirus accessories and antiviral equipment for companies are nowadays basic necessities. Taking care of the safety of frontline employees, maintaining hygiene rules in schools and kindergartens, as well as conducting mass screening tests – these are just some of the practices regularly used by government institutions and enterprises during the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic. However, to ensure the highest level of safety, you should use certified, reliable products. Temperature measurement gates, infrared sensors, disinfection cabin – these are the best antivirus devices for companies and institutions.

Certified products for coronavirus

Since the onset of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, global markets have been almost literally inundated with hundreds of masks, thermometers, disinfectants and other Chinese-made anti-virus equipment. The problem is that some of these goods have forged documents of authenticity. Although most of such products of questionable quality did not get through customs control, some of them succeeded. This is a very dangerous situation. Non-original goods can do more harm than good, and in extreme cases even turn out to be dangerous.

That s why, before buying, it is extremely important to carefully check whether the product has original certificates, such as the CE marking, which proves compliance with all quality standards established by the European Union. Equally important is the ISO certificate given to companies whose products and services comply with generally applicable standards. The offer of Spy Shop includes only proven and original, certified products, which guarantee the highest quality of solutions offered.

Equipment for non-contact temperature measurement

One of the first symptoms of COVID-19 disease is higher temperature. The ability to instantly detect people with fever is therefore a key preventive measure that is readily used by manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers and many other places. This is provided by a gate for non-contact temperature measurement. Its advantage is the simplicity of operation combined with high precision of measurements – just bring your forehead or wrist close to the sensor to get a precise result after a while.

Placing a gate for a non-contact temperature measurement in front of the building entrance allows for instant control of all entering and leaving customers and employees. Thanks to gateways, protection against the coronavirus is easy and non-invasive for many people.

The primary model of the gate is SE-1008 – a gate for non-contact temperature measurement which is characterized by high efficiency allowing potentially up to 70 checks per minute. Model SE1206 is a gate for measuring temperature with an additional metal detection function in six zones. Thanks to this, the gate is useful not only during an epidemic, but also all the time – it can be used to protect government buildings or mass events. Both models have a passage and alarm counter, which makes it easier to control and report.

Temperature control in smaller rooms – SA200P

However, there are workplaces and administrative buildings where it is not possible to set up a detection gate due to the location or dimensions of the room. An effective alternative for such places is the SA200P IR sensor – a device for non-contact temperature measurement. Due to its small size, the equipment can be easily hung on a door or any flat surface, e.g. on a wall. Temperature measurement is performed in a similar way as in the case of detection gates – by placing your forehead or wrist near the sensor. The result appears on the display after approx. 2 seconds.

The advantage of this model is high precision with an accuracy of 0.3‘C and a voice communication system that informs the user about the test result via two messages. Thanks to this option, the system is also friendly to the blind people. Effective test results are ensured by an intelligent function of protection against false alarms. It eliminates the influence of high insolation or increased temperature in the room. The SA200P sensor – a device for non-contact temperature measurement – can be used in hotels, libraries, hairdressing and beauty salons, offices, arrests and police stations.

Remote measurement of human body temperature

Controlling large areas, where many people move at the same time, such as shopping centers, concert halls or airports can be problematic. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem – the Sunell SN-T5. It is a ,device for remote temperature measurement, based on the technology of modern CCTV cameras with an IR sensor that measures the temperature of up to 30 people at a time.

Remote measurement of human body temperature is carried out remotely and is completely discreet – the equipment at first glance does not differ from standard CCTV systems. Contrary to appearances, this is of key importance, preventing anxiety or even panic in the event of identifying people with a fever.

The remote temperature measurement device can be optimized to control multiple rooms at the same time, so it is suitable for monitoring virtually anywhere. The face identification function, coupled with an intelligent database, facilitates the production of statistical data and cataloging of conducted studies, and provides the latest information on the state of the pandemic.

Mobile disinfection cabin – Comprehensive set of anti-virus solutions

Instead of buying a lot of different devices you can have them all in one place! Mobile disinfecting cabin is one of the most modern equipment designed to fight the coronavirus. It offers multitude of practical functions, including a non-contact thermometer, a dispenser with a hand disinfection gel and a camera with face identification function. Additionally, before leaving the cabin, special nozzles disinfect the user s body and clothes with a strong antiviral agent.

The mobile disinfecting cabin can also be expanded with other functionalities, such as a mat that disinfects shoe soles, an additional container for disinfecting liquid or an LCD screen for displaying advertisements. The collection of many devices in one place makes the cabin the perfect solution for all public places, such as shopping malls, airports and seaports, campuses and universities, hospitals, concert halls and cinemas. It is worth adding that the system provides access to a database optimized for a specific company or institution. Through it, the operator may collect and analyze information on the surveyed employees or students.

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