Sergei Skripal was poisoned by double agent! According to the last BBC news, a Russian double agent poisoned a Russian ex-colonel Sergei Skripal in Salisbury. Who is responsible for it?I suppose no one knows at the moment, but Detective store can make suggestions and a list of gadgets which Russian agent might have used during this secret agenda.As we have a fact of a poisoning we can conjecture that the spy agent had to approach the “object” and learn a lot of private information about him (his taste in food, daily routine and other information ). Nowadays, using the modern, advanced gadgets you can get a lot of confidential details about someone’s life. Some of those gadgets had already been used during the Second Cold War by Russian agents. Mostly it was hidden cameras:

Wireless covert camera in a tie

Camouflaged mini camera in the watch

Of course, those gadgets have been improved and they are still being used by spy agents. In comparison with old models, they have more functions like a dictaphone and high-quality camera inside the tie or build-in flesh memory and night-time recording function in the watch.New technologies are developing very fast.There are some of them which we have seen on our screens in James Bond movies and now detectives and spy agents already use them every day.

The most popular gadgets of 2017 are:

Mini camera camouflaged in a pair of glasses which mask the recorder and do not arouse any suspicions. This product especially recommended for professional detectives and spy agents who want to collect evidence and need an irrefutable proofs.

Remote listening device GSM Z10 hidden in an elegant pen with a GSM module with a listening range of up to 10m.

We are forewarned and so now we will be forearmed.

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