Who has not ever dreamed of being a spy, like Her Royal Majesty‘s agent James Bond? Apart from extraordinary skills, every intelligence agency employee ought to possess a set of gadgets, or specialised appliances, facilitating collection and concealment of data, as well as protecting one‘s identity. We would like to present a basic set, which every professional agent should have.

Data collection

In order to maintain full discretion during data collection, espionage equipment should be thoroughly concealed to avoid arousing suspicions.

Detective Store proposes:
GL-G7000 microcamera hidden in a pair of glasses.

LawMate International is a brand established in 1998, aiming to introduce hi-tech solutions to the market of wireless transmissions utilised by the military, uniformed services, and amateur users. OTP glasses are one of the most well designed pieces of surveillance equipment.

An unusual device, recording sounds and images of the surroundings, concealed in the frame of a stylish pair of glasses. Lightweight and durable construction is made of TR90 Switzerland thermoplastic material. It is remarkably durable, light, flexible and hypoallergenic, ensuring that using the device will not cause fatigue or allergic symptoms, which contributes to the overall comfort of handling. The camera lens is utterly imperceptible, since it is only 1mm wide! LawMate utilised a 2 Mpix CMOS sensor, providing very high image quality.

To make the evidence collected with the OTP-GL800, you can stamp the recording with date and time visible during playback. A broad angle of view (62‘) allows to record a wide area. The quality of sound recorded by the microcamera is augmented by an automatic gain control system, allowing to record clean sounds in any conditions.

Storing collected data

Once you have collected the data and do not want to be caught in possession of them, Detective Store proposes an unusual, yet common looking gadget.

Spy Bolt is a gadget with an interesting history, originating in the times of the Cold War. Soviet agents used similar bolt-compartments to pass classified operational information and microfilms without arousing any suspicions.

The Spy Bolt does not look like much, as it resembles a 3/4‘ steel bolt, but inside of it there is a small compartment, which can be used to safely store small objects, notes and intel collected during a spy assignment. The space within is 12.4 mm across and 71.3 mm deep. To reach it, you need to twist the mandrel off the head, additionally tightened by a rubber o-ring.

Information transfer

Transferring the information might expose the agent to peril. In order not to become compromised, agents are recommended to use a Digiscan iStranger. iStranger is a unique real time voice modulation device for mobile phones.

It was designed for compatibility with the most popular mobiles and smartphones. Attaching the modulator is simple and intuitive – it utilises the earphone mini-jack.

iStranger offers two modes of pitch modulation – LOW and HIGH, allowing to switch between them even mid-call. It provides the ability to modify the voice in a way rendering the interlocutor unable to identify us.

Digiscan Labs voice modulator is powered with a built-in battery allowing for 6 hours of continuous conversation. It also features an automatic switch-off function triggered after ending a call, which allows to save energy.

Start your own history

Such devices used to belong in literary fiction, but due to vast technological and miniaturisation progress, they became everyday reality. Their quality and precision of construction make them extremely difficult to detect. Who knows, maybe there are history-changing events going on right now, just beside you?

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