Year by year, statistics of robberies and pickpocketing scare us more and more. Only last year, over 47.000 mobile phones were stolen, and tens of thousand people were robbed throughout Poland. It is important to protect your own property, but also health and life. For this purpose, you do not need to have fighting skills, but the right tool in your pocket. What gadgets can help us in a difficult situation?

The most popular, relatively cheap and simple tool for self-defense are all kinds of defense gases. Their prices range from 50 to over 100 pounds. The composition comprises a substance derived from the natural pepper – alkaloid capsaicin, which renders strong burning eyes, difficulties in breathing, at the same time it does not put at risk the health of a person treated with it. There are also available models covering the attacker with fluorescent, difficult to remove dye which enables his later identification.

The products are available in 2 variants. In the first one, the active substance is sprayed as mist at high pressure. Such a solution has its advantages – we do not need to target directly at the attacker, but it should not be used during strong winds. A gust of air can make us cry soon. An example of such a gas is the popular Police Tornado. The second solution are gases in a form of gel – requiring more accurate aiming of the nozzle at the attacker, but it is less susceptible to the weather conditions.

There are available both versions for use at home e.g.  Pepper Gel Home Defence with high volume and range, and tiny, e.g. dedicated for women  Hot Pink Mace Mini  in a form of a key ring. Small size of the gas container make it fit every pocket. Additionally, it can be bought in an interesting, inconspicuous form of e.g. a key ring. Among the most popular products are those by Mace, the renowned American brand, or the simplest and cheapest  KO Fog.

Another, slightly more expensive and complicated accessory are electric stun guns. Their prices amount to several hundred PLN. During the contact with the device, an attacker is struck by a high-voltage, but low intensity current which causes immediate incapacitation. Muscle contraction caused by the load makes it difficult to move even after a long period of time. Moreover, it is also effective in the case of thick clothing of the attacker, and also thanks to fuse attached to your hand, it makes it virtually impossible to use it against you in a situation when you drop it. In the case of such devices, the chance that we will attack ourselves is very low. An interesting solution can be  Scorpy Max – a connection of a stun gun with gas spray – in a situation when the gas is used up, we can buy removable containers. Health and safety of ourselves and the loved ones are never worth saving on. It is recommended to equip your family with even the simplest, basic gas which can save life in difficult situations.

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