Going back to work after this year’s Christmas will not be easy for Dave. He plans to meet not only with his distant family but also friends that he hasn’t seen for a long time. Dave knows that this will be boozy Christmas.

No matter if it will be whisky, wine, mulled bear with spice and oranges or fancy drinks, Dave needs to come to work totally sober. Even bigger challenge is the New Year’s Eve when champagne flows like rivers and the Christmas relaxed atmosphere is gone and there is an obsessive thought in your head that a whole new year is lying ahead. “Last year was better to come to yourself after all the partying, this year the New Year’s Eve falls on Saturday…”, complains Dave.

He is not going to take any risk, he plans to drink less as he does not want to wake up in a hospital bed instead of his own. Plus he dreads of being tested with a breathalyzer by his boss when he comes back to work.

Dave knows that employers may use breathalyzers to test their employee's alcohol levels and that these devices in the workplace are becoming more and more common, especially in professions where there’s significant risk involved and safety is paramount.


The end of year is especially dangerous in this matter as it favours alcohol consumption and requires travelling across the country to meet with family, distant friends, or to take a few day off and relax away from home. The police is aware of that and there are more road controls to test sobriety of drivers. Every year, more than 500,000 breath tests are carried out and on average 100,000 are found to be positive, what gives one drunk driver out of 5 tested. These statistics are terrifying!

Think about how many people that drive under influence of alcohol have not been caught… How many people, after a boozy weekend or party, do not get enough sleep and go to work next day to perform their work duties as teachers, drivers and even doctors.


In the United Kingdom there is no direct legal requirement for all companies to implement alcohol policies, but employers should adopt it, after a consultation with their staff. This means that, if you work, for example, as a driver, there is a big chance that after Christmas you may be tested as no employer wants to take any risk concerning safety. You do not have to, however, live in stress and ponder over whether you are alcohol-free, as we have products that are easy to use, handy and do not cost much.


IIf you are looking for something at a reasonable price yet reliable, try the Breathalyzer AL-5500 model. It is equipped with a semiconductor sensor providing accurate results and requires no specialized knowledge nor prior preparation to operate. There is a multifunction key and LCD display where you can check the test result. It sells so well that is now one of our bestsellers!

For a more precise device with wider range, we recommend AlcoFind PRO X-5+ - BACtrack Trace – home breathalyzer with electrochemical sensor. A big advantage of this product is the sensor equipped with auto-control function that allows for checking the presence of any contamination (like alcohol vapours) that could affect the measurement result. It cleans itself to be always ready to use and perform fully reliable tests. It also records up to ten tests results so you can control the alcohol level over time.

A different type of sensor is present in the portable breathalyzer AlcoScan AL-8000, that is an advanced electrochemical fuel cell sensor with platinum alloys. Moreover it’s modern in design, has a 3-digit LED screen, pocket size and is portable, so you can keep it in your car or have with you wherever you go. Nobody wants to put safety of other people, especially the loved ones at risk. Nobody wants to lose their driving license or job because of drinking one beer too many. During the Christmas season people want to relax themselves and alcohol is literally at their fingertips. It is allowed to have a sip of something tasty but how to check if you are still within the allowed limit? Ask your family to give you for Christmas one of the products described above.


Cautious employers are aware that result of an alcohol test conducted using a professional breathalyzer may constitute an irrefutable proof in a court of law thus there is no point in purchasing a cheap, not tested device that may not be reliable. A breathalyzer used in a company for testing employees have to be of the highest quality, and the quality depends on the heart of such device – its sensor.

The most precise results are guaranteed by electrochemical sensors that are found in police breathalyzers and, for example, the certified AlcoFind Pro X-5plus model. They provide results with an accuracy of 0.05‰ (other devices only inform about the result by emitting a light signal) and have a wide measurement range - up to 5‰.

Is it possible to cheat a professional breathalyzer? Mint chewing gum, breath freshener, menthol mouthwash, etc. – there are many ways to camouflage bad breath that may fool a person but not a breathalyzer.

A good breathalyzer cleans itself off any contamination or alcohol vapours so that it is fully reliable. It also emits sounds indicating being ready to use and drawing in enough air so that there are no doubts.

It is painfully obvious that breathalyzer in a workplace should not be the only thing preventing workers from not drinking alcohol as being sober at work should be self-evident, but sometimes the risk of being tested and legal consequences that may follow positive result are the only things that keeps their hands away from a bottle.