It is difficult for us to part with some everyday objects ‘ can anyone imagine a day without a phone? No wonder that they have become important tools in the hands of ‘spies‘ and enable to detect even the greatest secrets.

An alarm clock  is the basic equipment of every house and no one will suspect that it can serve for ‘nefarious‘ purposes. PV-FM20 enables eavesdropping from anywhere

It enables monitoring a child, increased employees control or eavesdropping a partner. A person gifted with it will be happy with the ‘present‘.


For sure that person will be even more pleased with a new phone. Thanks to the invisible Spy Phone Rec Pro 4.0 application installed on it, you can eavesdrop all calls, and also the phone surroundings, even when no calls are performed. Additionally, the software will give you access to text messages, the current position of the phone and all photos taken by the phone. In our offer we have several models from different price levels which will satisfy and meet the needs of every ‘spied on person‘.

SpyPHones for spying calls

Lately, Facebook has become the main cause of divorces in the world. Online flirting is considered betrayal. If you want to find out whether your partner is fair to you, use  SpyLogger Mail Plus. The device in a shape of a pendrive which will enable you to save all keystrokes and capture screenshots regularly. The software operation is practically invisible ‘ it cannot be seen in the processes and it does not additionally burden the system. The product is available in several versions, with fewer number of features. SpyShop is the owner of the SpyLogger brand and this product is available only in our shop.


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