Summer holidays are soon coming to an end. During that time, when roads become used by large numbers of drivers, it is recommended to increase the safety of travel by bringing around a dashboard camera and a few other useful gadgets.

Time for rest

Holidays and vacation trips provide a great opportunity to see new places, have some waterside relaxation, or meet with friends. Such pastimes often involve alcoholic beverages. Police statistics about people driving while intoxicated are alarming, and in the summer holiday season even more so than during the remaining time of the year. While do people decide to drive under the influence?

Ignorance and thoughtlessness

Some people are convinced that drinking a little alcohol will not affect their capability to drive the next day. It is a common misbelief – even though one might feel well in the morning after last night’s party, there can still be alcohol present in their organism. Others, after drinking a few beers experience a major boost in confidence, believing themselves to be excellent drivers. Never attempt to drive without being absolutely, positively certain about being completely sober!

How to check blood alcohol content?

If it is absolutely necessary for you to drive, and you are not sure if your organism is still affected by alcohol, it is recommended to use a breathalyzer. Such appliances are quite affordable, and having one in your car can prove very convenient. Why is that so? If you do not have your own breathalyzer, you will need to have your blood alcohol level tested at the nearest police station. Having a breathalyzer of your own will save your time and spare your nerves.

Choosing a breathalyzer

If you decide to buy one, you will have a choice between two types of devices – equipped in a semiconductor (e.g.AL-6000 ) or an electrochemical sensor (e.g. AL-9000 ) There is also a third type of breathalyzers – spectrophotometric, used in top quality equipment, usually stationary, designed for providing evidence.

semiconductor breathalyser

Electrochemical breathalyser

Semiconductor breathalyzers are able to measure estimated alcohol content in a breath sample in the range of 0 to 4 per mil. Devices using electrochemical fuel cell technology are more reliable and precise. Such appliances are very convenient, and due to integrated platinum sensors, have a very low margin of error, comparable to those used by uniformed services. The device operates in the range of 0‰-4‰, utilising air flow control function, resulting in measurement precision of 0,01‰. Results provided by electrochemical breathalyzers are not affected by substances such as mint, tobacco smoke, tea or coffee, or by external conditions such as temperature or humidity.

Police breathalyser

An additional asset of electrochemical breathalyzers is their quick operation – the AlcoBlow model displays the result in just 5 seconds!
Returning from a holiday trip or going on one, be sure to sit behind the wheel being well rested and sober. If you consume alcohol during your vacation, check if it has already been excreted by your organism before driving. Bear in mind that while driving a vehicle, you are not only responsible for your own safety, but also for the safety of every person you encounter on the road.