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All heads of state take great care of their own security, but legions of bodyguards are not the only precaution they take! Every means of transportation used e.g. by presidents is extremely well protected. Let us take a look at the president of United States‘ heavily armoured limousine.

The Beast

This is the common name for the General Motors‘ Cadillac ONE, a car currently used by Barack Obama. This model was introduced in 2009, and only 12 cars were manufactured to date. The vehicle is based on the floor plate of Chevrolet Kodiak commercial truck, and the bodywork of Cadillac DTS. Numerous other elements come from different models, e.g. front lights, side mirrors and door handles, which were borrowed from Cadillac Escalade. The car utilises a 6.6l Duramax Diesel engine, is 5.5 m long, weighs over 9 tonnes and is able to accelerate to its top speed of 97 km/h in 15 seconds.

Safety measures

The head of one of the largest and most influential countries in the world needs a vehicle to feel safe in – a vehicle like Cadillac One. Let us see what this tank-car is made of.

  • Chassis – 12.7 cm steel floor plate, capable of withstanding a bomb explosion.
  • Bodywork – combination of dual hardness steel, titanium and aluminium, able to resist gunfire.
  • Tyres – puncture-resistant and reinforced with kevlar. Steel rims allow to make an escape even with the tyres completely destroyed.
  • Doors – armoured and 20 cm thick, as heavy as those of a Boeing 757.
  • Driver‘s compartment – the car is driven by a highly trained CIA operative, who has a regular steering wheel and a dashboard with a communication centre at his disposal.
  • Driver‘s window – capable of stopping armour-piercing bullets, it can be opened only by less than 8 cm.
  • Fuel tank – armoured and lined with special foam in order to prevent it from exploding, even in case of a direct hit.
  • Boot – contains oxygen supplies and firefighting systems.
  • Rear compartment – designed for 5 passengers, divided with a glass partition that can only be lowered by the president himself. Additionally, there is a panic button that can be used to call for help in dire situations.
  • Back seats – the president‘s seat is equipped with a folding desktop, a computer with Internet access, and satellite phones with direct lines to the vice-president and the Pentagon.
  • Defensive capabilities – the car is equipped with night vision cameras, a pump-action shotgun, and tear gas launchers. Moreover, it holds a supply of blood matching the president‘s, in case he needs an urgent transfusion.

As you can see, the security measures utilised in this care are indeed impressive! Due to them, the president remains safe even under fire with armour-piercing ammunition, in case of a bomb explosion, or an attack with a biological agent. Who would want to have that beauty in their garage? These cars are priced at $300,000.

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