The beginning of 2016 is truly a holiday for The X Files fans as brand new season is on the air. The real treat for people interested in paranormal events however is revealing by the CIA hundreds of documents concerning UFO!

Classified documents have been recently published on this site. They concern cases from 1940s and 1950s and are available to everybody. This agency has been suspected to have much in common with UFO but for some reason does not want to share their secrets with the public. These were partially just speculations, but nevertheless it turned out that seekers of conspiracy theories were right. We do not know why CIA made these documents in form of PDFs and photos public for the first time ever.

Could it be connected with launching of the new The X Files season? On the CIA blog there was a post that some of the cases ‘could interest Mulder and Scully themselves‘. This question stays open.

In the files we can find, for example, a story of 46-year-old German Oscar Linke and his 11-year-old daughter Gabriella:

While I was returning to my home with Gabriella, a tire of my motorcycle blew out near the town of Hasselbach. While we were walking along toward Hasselbach, Gabriella pointed out something which lay at a distance of about 140 meters away from us. Since it was twilight, I thought that she was pointing at a young deer‘ I left my motorcycle near a tree and walked toward the spot which Gabriella had pointed out. When, however, I reached a spot about 55 meters from the object, I realized that my first impression had been wrong. What I had seen were two men who were now about 40 meters away from me. They seemed to be dressed in some shiny metallic clothing. They were stooped over and were looking at something lying on the ground. I approached until 1 was only about 10 meters from them. I looked over a small fence and then I noticed a large object whose diameter I estimated to be between 10 and 15 meters. It looked like a huge frying pan.‘

Does it sound interesting? If yes, do not hesitate and go to the CIA website to read many similar stories.

Photos above are property of the CIA.

CIA is not the only agency rumoured to have knowledge on paranormal activities, NASA is also believed to be hiding similar information.

And do you believe in UFO?

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