The coronavirus outbreak is spreading day by day. Virtually every area of public, personal and professional life has been affected by the effects of the current situation. During an epidemiological threat, the key issue is quick and immediate control of citizens for possible infection. Special anti-virus devices have been developed that provide fast and – importantly – non-contact temperature measurement. Let s take a look at the two most interesting devices in this category.

Equipment for measuring body temperature

The threat from COVID-19 coronavirus is not diminishing – we receive information every day about new cases. Increasing precautionary measures, such as compliance with hygiene rules and the use of home quarantine reduces the chance of infection. However, it is not possible to get the public to stay at home constantly in the long run. After all, not all official matters can be dealt with online.

Also places and facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, train stations and airports that cannot be permanently out of service. To ensure protection during an epidemic you should think about appropriate control measures that quickly and effectively detect people suspected of being infected with coronavirus. One of the proposed solutions are devices for non-contact temperature measurement. They allow effective control of health of citizens in crowded places. Depending on the specific location and circumstances, it is worth considering one of the two proposed solutions.

Temperature measurement security gate – To control people in public facilities

Detection gate SE-1008 with temperature measurement function is an ideal solution for protecting hospitals, military facilities, administrative buildings or other public places. It also works well in courts or in enterprises where a large number of people accumulate in one place. There is a special IR sensor on the left which – when a person approaches their forehead or wrist to it – triggers an alarm, if the body temperature is at least 37‘C. A sensitive detector immediately signals a result. Certainly it is a great option for cautious people, especially those who care about safety of others.

In addition, the non-contact temperature measurement gate counts all persons checked and alarms triggered, which gives you full control over the situation. The gate is highly efficient and allows you to test up to 70 people per minute. This makes the gate a great tool for testing large groups of people. The gate is light and easy to install, and at the same time it can operate for a long period of time. The device is made of fireproof and waterproof materials, which means it can operate in really difficult conditions.

Thermal image camera for measuring temperature – Manual control for public services

Handy thermal imaging camera UT-220K for temperature measurement is a practical device that allows quick and contactless measurement of body temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.5‘C in the range from 30‘C to 45‘C. The great advantage of the equipment are wide configuration possibilities, e.g. setting the temperature, which triggers an alarm or specific area of the body to be examined. High efficiency and ease of use make the equipment great for use by border guards, where routine inspections are now on the agenda. The camera can also be used by the police, municipal police and employers to control those employees who do not want or cannot switch to remote work mode.

The camera can be mounted on a tripod what enables convenient use in smaller premises such as shops, pharmacies or post offices. An additional advantage of the camera is the 16 GB memory card included in the set. The card enables storing of each measurement. This function significantly facilitates and speeds up the work of all services. It accelerates the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19). Similarly to SE-1008 gate, a thermal imaging camera for measuring temperature works.

Non-contact infrared thermometer

Non-contact temperature measurement is an indispensable procedure in hospitals, clinics and sanitary-epidemiological stations. Carrying out quick and safe checks is particularly important in case of large number of patients. That is why a contactless infrared thermometer was developed. The device uses infrared, so it does not require direct contact with the skin – it is enough to just approach it at a distance of about 5 cm to get a measurement. The result is additionally indicated by the color of the display, which in the event of higher body temperature changes from green to yellow or red. In addition, the error rate is only 0.3‘C, where in traditional models the error rate is usually around 1‘C. Built-in memory enables to save 32 measurements which helps to control the situation during regular checks. The thermometer is suitable for security personnel at airports and train stations, medical paramedics and GPs.

All described antiviral devices are very good investments, that increase the safety of citizens in times of epidemics. However, if you would like to further increase security, we encourage you to read the article about the temperature measurement and metal detection gate. It guarantees double protection. When it comes to a virus outbreak, it is worth investing in various preventive measures to protect as many people as possible from being infected. It is very important to ensure the security of services of various institutions and providing public facilities with devices with non-contact temperature measurement function.

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