The coronavirus outbreak is the time when effective diagnosis of infected people is a key issue for the safety of citizens. It is a priority for virtually all countries to stop the spread of COVID-19 as soon as possible. One way to monitor your health is through a coronavirus screening test, which has not been widely available until recently. Fortunately, today these products can be purchased at a reasonable price. How does the coronavirus immunoassay work and is it really effective? Let s try to answer this question.

How to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease?

COVID-19 is a particularly dangerous type of virus, mainly due to its high degree of infectivity, several times higher than that of e.g. influenza virus. Coronavirus spreads through droplets – when they get in contact with nose, mouth and even eyes. Importantly, one can also get infected through contact with the surface previously touched by an infected person. According to research conducted by scientists, the pathogen can last on various objects from several to even several dozen hours. What is also worrying is the fact that some people (usually young) have completely no symptoms of the disease caused by the coronavirus. It means that such people may unknowingly infect others. This is especially dangerous for the elderly for whom the coronavirus is a serious threat.

In the time of epidemics, screening test is a measure that quickly identifies people who are suspected of being infected with coronavirus disease. It is an ideal solution for hospitals, clinics, facilities, military services and all other places where it is necessary to quickly examine a large number of people.

Coronavirus screening test – The best test for coronavirus?

Coronavirus screening test is a test of whole blood, plasma or serum from a patient. The test shows the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies in the blood sample. It should be noticed that antibodies mere presence does not prejudge the infection – it only indicates that the person being tested had contact with the virus. To obtain absolute certainty it is necessary to refer a person for further diagnostic tests. However, carrying out initial screening tests allows to pre-identify a potentially infected person, which significantly increases the security of other citizens.

How is Coronavirus screening test carried out?

It should be noted that coronavirus immune screening test is an IN VITRO testing method. So access to a specialized laboratory is necessary to perform it. It is important to take a sample in secure, sterile conditions and to store it in safe, sanitary conditions. It should also be noted that all test samples must be considered potentially hazardous, so removing them according to laboratory procedures is also a key issue.

The test itself is easy to do – it is done by adding a sample and buffer to a special cassette located on an even and clean surface. The result imaged on the tester should be visible within 15-20 minutes. The result may indicate the presence of one of the antibodies, both or lack of both.

The coronavirus screening test is an extremely important tool in terms of health and social security. Diagnostics in places particularly vulnerable to the spread of epidemic, such as airports or medical facilities, results in effective control of infection among citizens. In the long run, this can finally stop the epidemic.

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