Discreet parcel – How to protect your parcel from being seen by the third party?

There are crowded, warm and primordial places … Especially, when hunting instincts are born in one half of the crowd and the other half activates instincts of survival at the same time. It is a neon jungle, in which man is only an anonymous bulldozer of corridor obstruction. Yes, we are in a shopping mall – a place where there is no pity in the face of promotion, there is an absolute fight.

That is why people often prefer to shop on a comfortable sofa in their home, calmly – with tea in hand and with some animal on their laps. I will not write about how to buy something safely online, because the 2000s are long behind us – most of us probably know that this little pad next to the address of the site, which usually glows green means a store with a security certificate, thanks why no-one will take our data. And the possibility of paying by PayU does not mean that someone is waiting for our money – on the contrary, PayU very strictly checks how the store that uses their platform works, so we can have full discretion.

However, we sometimes order something that we do not want to associate with neighbors or even neutral courier. In this situation, can you order a package that does not reveal what is under the box? You can. This is how a discreet package works – it’s usually available for orders at Detective Store.

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