The MVR-200 is a modern device recording sound with an extraordinary design.

The MVR-200 digital voice recorder, owing to its tiny size, allows you to record sounds of the environment practically without the risk of being detected. The rubber wristband included in the set will allow securing the voice recorder on one‘s hand enabling discreet recording of e. g. a business conversation.

The most important features of MVR-200 device

  • 8GB capacity,
  • Long work time – 18 hours,
  • A rubber supporting wristband,
  • Ergonomics and simplicity of use.

Owing to an extremely sensitive microphone, the MVR-200 discreet voice recorder is able to record good-quality sounds from a distance up to 5-6 meters (depending on acoustic conditions as well as on whether the device is covered with e. g. one‘s sleeve), which allows you to record meetings. The device stores the previously saved recordings in an internal flash memory with the capacity of 8GB, which is able to store up to 140 hours of recordings (files are saved every 4 hours).

The device is operated in an extremely simple and intuitive way and the downloading of date should be fairly simple for everyone. It is enough to connect the device to a computer (by using USB cable) and play the sound files in all types of media players.

Apart from that, the MVR-200 voice recorder can be used as a USB flash memory for storing all types of files.

The MVR-200 digital voice recorder is equipped with a built-in Li-Ion battery with the capacity of 110mAh which will enable you to use the device for up to 18 hours (charging time is only 3-4 hours). In order to charge the battery, it is enough to connect the voice recorder to a computer or to a charger. The frequency range in which the voice recorder works is 0-20000 Hz.

Owing to a simple structure as well as ergonomically placed buttons, it is easy to turn the voice recorder on and off without the need to disclose the device (e. g. by moving the jacket sleeve).

The MVR-200 discreet voice recorder will be useful in numerous situations (recording of business meetings, threats etc.) and, owing to its reliability and ergonomics, it can be used in all types of situations.

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