Driving car isn’t always easy. There are many danger situations for drivers that cannot be ignored. Because of this, it’s important to have a limited trust in your abilities and be supported by modern technology. Below we recommend some solution to this common problem.

car camera driving dod vrh3

DOD VRH3 – can record every situation on the road in high resolution (1440 x 1080). Built-in shock detector stabilizes video camera and provides smooth footage all the time. All data are saved on SD card and can be subsequently transferred onto computer. With the help of 2.4-inch screen you can playback every video you want, which is particularly helpful during police intervention. It can be used in tandem with GPS module.

alcofind breathalyzer best law

Breathalyzer AlcoFind DA-7000 a universal devic which can be extremely helpful for everybody willing to test his own or someone else’s blood alcohol level. It has a wide measuring scale (up to 2 mg/l) and is characterized by great precision up to hundredth of mg/l. It can display two values – and mg/l.


GL200. If your car is very valuable, you may consider protecting it against theft. Police finds just a fraction of all stolen car, which is a good reason to help them and install GPS GL200 server tracker operated via Internet. It can provide you with information about car’s current speed, position and route. Not only it can help you to find stolen car but also to minimize driving costs.