Virtual breathalysers are not reliable, they provide unsure readings and trusting them may lead to unpleasant consequences. Instead, you should consider professional devices which give certainty about the real level of sobriety.

To check if the alcohol drunk during the party still leaves a trace in your blood, drivers often use the so called virtual breathalysers. Do you know them? These are simple applications, which, after inputting certain data, provide the alleged alcohol level in your blood. Unfortunately, the results we obtain are often unreliable. That is why we should know why the virtual breathalyser is not a reliable measure to control the driver‘s sobriety.

It is just an algorithm

How the virtual breathalysers measure the alcohol level? They are based on a simple mathematic algorithm which, after adding some values (weight, height, amount of alcohol drunk and time passed after stopping drinking) calculates the expected amount of alcohol in the blood. But the program is not able to include our individual characteristics or the way of drinking. It is important, because alcohol digestion depends mainly on our condition, time we slept or even amount of water in our body.

Confusing result

It may happen that our real state will be completely different from the data provided by the application. Additionally, the difference occurs even between different applications. And then, the driver, ensured of his sobriety, drives his car unaware of upcoming trouble. To get the best and reliable results you need to use a breathalyser of good quality which will be precise and solid.

Digital breathalyser – responsibility and security

Modern breathalysers are devices of high sensitivity and minimal risk level. Popular and not expensive models with semiconductor sensor, such as AL-7000, will be perfect to measure the alcohol level in your blood within a scope of 0 and 4 per milles in breathed air. The models with electrochemical sensor are more reliable. A good example of such device is the PRO X-5 which is very precise, resistant to influence of other chemical substances (e.g. nicotine which may influence the measurement), and has a high work stability. Electrochemical sensors are even more reliable and durable.

Digital breathalysers have many advantages, they are easy to operate, the results are obtained quickly and compact dimensions and durable casing help to keep this device always within your reach.

The professional breathalyser is the only efficient solution for drivers who care about own, passengers‘ and other drivers‘ safety. These from Spy Shop‘s offer are one of the best available on our market. They are also used by uniformed services.

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