Students willing to get good grades, journalists who want to improve their technique, businessmen participating in a conference, people who are looking for evidence of their spouse‘s infidelity, and witnesses to corruption ‘ what do all these people have in common? Willingness to record important information. If you are one of these, there is nothing better than a voice recorder.

There is a whole gamut of voice recorders on a market. Good-quality microSD compatible standard voice recorders can be bought at the expense of a hundred pounds. A good example of such a device is small but multi-function Diasonic DDR-5300. Many professional recorders, like Gnome 2M, are often equipped with many high-quality microphones and can cost as much as a thousand pounds. There are several factors to consider before choosing the right equipment.

The most important issue is sound quality and format. Simple good-quality device is more than sufficient to record lecture notes, but when the recording is supposed to be an evidence of corruption, it is worth to purchase more professional equipment. More advanced models are equipped with noise suppression function, customizable recording schedule, voice activated recording, and modern signal processing algorithms, which are invaluable during crowded conferences or rush hours. An absolute novelty on the market is the remote access to recordings via Internet and the function of real time monitoring. A good example of such a device is WIFi AR5 ‘ world class equipment chosen by professionals, special forces and private detectives.

The next parameter to decide upon before the purchase is the continuous recording time. Both built-in and removable (like microSD card) flash memory can store up to several hundred hours of recording. An energy-saving power supply can substantially prolong recording time. Standard AA batteries, micro-batteries or efficient rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are the most common choice. For example, MVR-100 flash drive spy voice recorder is able to record for as long as 16 hours and store in its memory nearly 70 hours of recording. But it is dwarfed by Edic mini Tiny16 A44 which can work continuously for 300 hours.


When the person whose conversations are recorded is unaware of the fact, it is advisable to choose inconspicuous-looking voice recorder. Some of them are really good-camouflaged and resemble regular household items, like pen (MQ77 model), USB flash drive (MQ-U300 model equipped with voice activated recording system and efficient battery which can support the device for up to 25 days in standby mode) or car remote control (AR-100 model). This type of camouflage is perfect solution to eavesdrop conversation and store high-quality recording without arousing anybody‘s suspicion.

Last but not least, it is crucial to choose right microphone sensitivity. Sensitivity can be roughly defined as a distance from the source of sound which allows the device to record regular conversation. Some professional devices can record conversation from the distance of 12 meters! To be fully satisfied you should carefully adjust device to your needs. It is advisable to decide before the purchase what parameters are the most important for us ‘ decision which surely facilitate the right choice.

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