Phone call encryption requires more than just a regular program downloaded from the internet. People seeking a really efficient mean of confidential communication should consider buying Enigma E2 – probably the best secure phone on the market.

Nowadays, theft of confidential data and ubiquitous surveillance are issues often discussed. Referring to this problem, it is worth to describe the device highly regarded by many communication and data security specialists. This device guarantees the confidentiality of conversation.

Tripleton Enigma E2 looks like a regular mobile phone. Black phone body, small but functional display and typical keypad give no clue about its real capabilities. And it can do a lot. First of all, it protects user against phone bug and data theft. Enigma E2 performs encryption of both phone calls and text messages. How it works? There are two stages of the process.

  • Authentication
  • Encryption

The purpose of authentication process is to ensure we are speaking with the person we want to speak. The encryption process guarantees that no unauthorized person can eavesdrop the conversation. On many occasions experts point to this method as the most efficient one because of the employment of complicated algorithms executed by special microprocessor encryption card. It is worth to mention that any interference with card triggers automatic self-destruction process. This is only a modest example of Enigma E2 technology.

The phone is very easy to operatePressing a single button enables encryption and initiates phone call in the safe mode. If necessary, Enigma E2 can be also used as a regular mobile phone. Tripleton Enigma E2 was designed to provide total confidentiality of communication and it seems that it performs nicely. It is worth to mention that the device can be used throughout the world owing to its compatibility with three different GSM frequency bands. However, one thing must be kept in mind. Two mutually compatible phones working on the basis of the same encryption system are needed to establish a successful encrypted connection.

For whom was Enigma E2 designed? Despite the fact that anybody can buy it, it wasn‘t created with a regular user in mind. Tripleton phone is a secure and reliable solution for businessmen, people responsible for strategic information systems, police detectives, politicians afraid of being kept under surveillance, and even journalists, who are in need of a secure way to communicate with their informers.

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