For clarity, maybe not coffee itself but the coffee mug indeed. The camera hidden in a coffee mug is not only a fancy gadget, but also a potent device used for data collection.

If we witness a law violation in the workplace (mobbing, discrimination) or we notice suspicious deals between the parties during business meetings, it is worth reporting similar incidents. A recording created with the use of LawMate PV-CC10W – a camera hidden in a coffee mug – might become an ideal piece of evidence.

The lid, which hides all the electronics, will fit most of the coffee mugs which we can get on gas stations or in the most popular cafeterias.

It decreases the risk of detecting the camera to absolute minimum, due to the fact that the camera itself is practically undetectable. The camera hidden in the lid, owing to CMOS matrix, allows saving of extremely good-quality image in 640‘480 as well as in HD 1920’1080 resolutions.

The in-built Li-Ion battery (3,7V/1400mAh) will enable us to record videos for approximately 3 hours. The recordings are stored in replaceable microSD/SDHC cards. The maximum capacity of the cards, which we can use in this recorder, is 32GB which will allow us to record from 11 to 20 hours of film. An important element of this recorder is the function to mark each recording with date and time, which might be helpful while verifying the material as e. g. piece of evidence in court.

LawMate PV-CC10W camera saves the videos in a popular MOV file format, owing to which we will be able to play the material on most types of devices.

The most important features of PV-CC10W camera hidden in a coffee mug

  • great camouflage of the recorder in the shape of the lid of a coffee mug
  • extremely good quality of finishing and neat design
  • fits most types of coffee mugs
  • recording of films in HD and VGA formats saved on memory cards
  • recordings are marked with date and time
  • long work time on an in-built battery

If you are worried about the ease of use of this smart device, we assure you it is unnecessary. PV-CC10 camera is very intuitive in use and should not cause any problems. The ergonomics and simplicity of the buttons will allow you to efficiently change the resolution with which you are going to record the videos. Switching the recording mode on is extremely simple and can be done with one click of a button located on the lid of the coffee mug.

The set which you will receive includes 3 stylish mugs as well as a memory card with the capacity of 8GB.

The camera hidden in a coffee mug – LawMate PV-CC10W – is a very useful and interesting solution for individuals who want to record everything in their surroundings in a discreet way.

Please note that LawMate PV-CC10W mug is just a dummy and should not be filled up with real coffe or other liquids!

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