Camouflaged camera in the DVR-32WiFi alarm clock is a great way to control how a babysitter works or to protect yourself against thieves. Recently, the device has been discussed in Twardy Reset [Hard Reset] program in the Onet Technowinki web service by a modern technologies expert – Zbigniew Urbanski.

Camouflaged camera in the DVR-23WiFi alarm clock was discussed in the 113th episode of a Twardy Reset series, broadcasted by Technowinki service from The host of this program, Zbigniew Urbanski, is a well known expert in modern technologies. He is also known for being a presenter of the Gadzet [Gadget] program on TVN Turbo and an expert in fighting with computer crime. He focused on one of the most interesting camouflage cameras from the Spy Shop offer.

The things which attracted his attention the most were discreet outlook and wide scope of functions of the device. Apart from the camera, the DVR-32WiFi offers all the functions of a modern alarm clock. 2 alarm modes, large display screen with a projector and even possibility of receiving radio broadcasts. However, this is a monitoring device, most of all. The 720 x 480 pixel resolution camera provides excellent image quality, sharp sound and even 48 hours of video recording.

The host of the Twardy Reset program emphasized how convenient the DVR-32WiFi is to operate. The device has its own Internet access. By this, the video can be received from any place of the world. Additionally, motion recording activation saves the device‘s memory. The camera is perfect for spying a babysitter or monitoring the property during our absence. The recorded video can be used as an evidence in a court and can warn against dangerous situations; a simple form will hide the true DVR-32WiFi‘s purpose.

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