DVR-35SWF sounds a bit enigmatic but this complicated name conceals a truly modern device. Mini spy camera hidden inside smoke detector housing can protect your property against fire and give you remote access to life footage from every place on the planet.

It is possible thanks to internet connection and wireless wifi module or Ethernet cable. The device‘s modern design makes property monitoring a comfortable task. But remote monitoring is just one of many new function in DVR-35SWF. It is also a fully functional smoke detector equipped with alarm siren alerting everybody to an emerging danger. It provides property owner with peace and quiet.

Life streaming guarantees clear and smooth footage in high resolution (720‘480). High quality video leaves no doubt about important details and makes recognizing intruders or arsonists an easy task. Moreover, the device can be activated by a motion detector. This useful option can save a lot of memory and prolong device‘s working time. All these features makes DVR-35SWF an ideal tool for:
‘ People spending a lot of time outside the house.
‘ Storehouse and industrial buildings owners.
‘ Families worrying about their property during summer holiday.
‘ Everyone who is in need for functional and complex household monitoring.

Video data can be stored on microSD card (up to 64 GB) or sent directly to FTP server, which guarantees file safety even in case of device‘s destruction. Additionally, the device is equipped with a very sensitive microphone and special software compatible not only with PCs but also with smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS or Blackberry operating system.


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