Spy Shop is security and protection, but is that all? Our clients inlcude persons who add variety to their passions by using equipment from our wide offer of accessories. How do they do it?

Paintball‘and‘Air Soft Gun‘are disciplines which are very popular nowadays. The competition takes place in woods or abandoned industrial plants – outdoors. It is very enjoyable, especially after dusk. But how to search for the opponent when there is darkness all around you?

The army uses night vision devices for this purpose. The same goes for paintball and air soft gun fans. The Armasight Prime Gen 1+ are not too expensive and reliable night vision devices which also are comfortable, light and solid. Apart from that, they are also water resistant so they can be used even in the rainy weather. Additional function of 3x Zoom makes it a great equipment for the paintball users.

There is also something for cross-country rallies and automobile fans. The drivers have loved track recorders, and these from the Detective Store‘s offer are the best performance to record the emotions accompanying wild or calm rides. Cameras, such as DOD VRH3, provide, among others, high resolution video. They use the GPS technology which allows to obtain the information about localization; they also include shock sensors. These protect the recordings from erasing, even when the ride is an extreme one.

Speed fans are also people on ski runs. Skiers and cyclists have loved sports cameras which are light, comfortable and adjusted to sportsmen requirements. The Internet is full of movies recorded by the video recorders attached to helmets of the professional sportsmen. These videos are not only a perfect keepsakes but also a great material for analysis. They allow to determine e.g. what improvements need to be made in technique or how to deal with a track in a better way.

It shows that the way of using the equipment depends only on our imagination and needs. Those involved in their passions may serve as an example as they are always in search of new ways to add variety to their hobbies.

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