Somebody once said: all is fair in love and war. However, shooting civilians and attempting to get what is not yours is not right, no matter how good reasons one may have to justify their actions. This time a war is closer than it has ever been. It is not somewhere in a faraway land, in countries we have not heard of before. This time a war takes place almost in our backyard and what is the worst, we cannot predict what comes next. We need to brace ourselves with strength, hope, peace of mind, but not only that – we may also look for more tangible measures.

Warfare nowadays does not look like the way it did in the past, especially in reference to the armament. Modern equipment, new kinds of weapons, state-of-art solutions unknown in previous decades are now used on a daily basis on battlefields around the world. Top-notch military equipment may give you an advantage over an enemy or even decide on your success (though we have heard of successful actions of knocking down a drone with a jar of tomatoes). Be one step ahead of armies using outdated equipment (like the one remembering the times of the Soviet Union) and check what may be useful while fighting the oppressor.

Professional optics

Rifle scopes, binoculars, eyepieces, magnifiers, illuminators, colimators will make the observation of surroundings much easier and more efficient.

In our offer, we have waterproof and durable binoculars, equipped with rangefinders that help you to precisely determine the distance between your device and the object under observation. They have very large magnification (8x or 10x) and the lenses adjustment in the scale of -5 to +5 diopters with the possibility to separately adjust both lenses. The binoculars also have high resolution and they meet military standards.

Optical rifle scopes are also worth considering when it comes to better observation and aiming. They allow precise shooting at long distances due to the better “transmission” of light that makes the image clearer. To see more of the optical devices, please see here: Professional optics

Night vision equipment

Night vision devices are intended for use at night, when lack of light makes observation impossible. Goggles, telescopes and binoculars with night vision function allow to focus on the target from a long distance and to move safely in total darkness.

The devices offered by our store are characterized by reliability and functionality. They also provide clear night vision images and high resistance to mechanical damage.

Our offer includes night vision devices of 1, 2, 1+ and 2+ generations. A wide range of assortment allows to choose the night vision equipment adjusted to individual needs.

The most well-known company specializing in this kind of device is AGM Global Vision – an American company developing and manufacturing professional night and thermal imaging telescopes – you can see more of their devices here: AGM Global Vision

Other solutions

There are also some other devices that you may use to confuse the enemy. Bombs and rifles are not the only war equipment, as nowadays, there are more subtle and refined methods than throwing a grenade at your enemy.

You may disturb the operations of the opponent with the use of the following devices:

  • Radio frequency scanners – they allow efficient scanning of aviation bands, CB radios and amateur frequencies. Some of these scanners are equipped with the possibility to record and save recordings on memory cards, others have a GPS module allowing for operation with location data, and others have a function that allows searching for the strongest nearby signals. If the other party uses shortwave radio, you may listen to their messages, as well as announcements from the police, and other emergency services.
  • Detectors for hidden cameras and listening devices  it is inevitable to focus on protection of confidential information. Your rivals may install cameras or eavesdrops to listen to your important data, but when you equip yourself with devices protecting you from unwanted surveillance, you may easily find and neutralize them later on. One of the best tools of this kind is Raksa – a device detecting various wiretapping devices.
  • Explosives detectors – with the use of this device you may quickly check if a suspect material contains any explosive substances. Our device Venator detects plenty of substances like explosives, drugs and toxic chemicals, so all hazardous substances that may pose a threat to you and your people.
  • Voice recorders and spy cameras  if you want to know more about your opponent‘s actions, you may use spy recorders and cameras ‘ some of them are hidden in objects of everyday use so they will not attract any attention. Some of them are very small, some are password protected, some are voice activated, so you may easily find something that will suit your needs.

In our store you can also find more basic but necessary equipment like torches or knives that will be useful during wartime – please check OUTDOOR section.

No matter how well we can equip you, we hope that you will not need to use our devices in terms of war. We expect that soon you can use our night vision devices for night hunting, binoculars for nature observation and rifle scopes for ASG games.

Please contact us if you need professional assistance – we have a special line in Ukrainian and Russian – +48 71 738 23 00.

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