Holiday is the best time for burglars. Empty houses and apartments are the thing which the thieves like the most. How to deal with burglars? How to protect rooms or property? Check out our recommendations!

1. Apartment

Let‘s think what is the most common place for precious things? Often, most of you keep jewelry and other valuable objects in your bedroom. It would be wise to install the IP camera in this room, hidden e.g. in elegant DCR-232 alarm clock. The device can be connected to the Internet so we can have a 24-hour insight on what is happening in our room, from any place in the world! It is inconspicuous-looking and has a function of recording on motion detection!

How about audio-video equipment? We often keep expensive devices in our living rooms. How to keep an eye on them? A mini-camera hidden in the power supply will be the most suitable solution for these purposes. It records a high quality video and chooses only the key moments because of motion detection function. It is a good solution for saving the space on a memory card and a perfect way to monitor the room efficiently.

2. House

The owners of single-family houses often install smoke detectors. Why not add some additional functions? Apart from fire alarm, they can warn against intruders. When going on summer holidays, but not only then, it is good to install fire detectors equipped with multi-function cameras. Where? In places where the fire risk is the biggest ‘ e.g. in a garage, attic or in a boiler room. WiFi Camera hidden in smoke detector has also a remote monitoring and in case of a fire it will alarm the neighbors with a loud signal. Apart from that, they are easy to install, convenient in operation and highly efficient.

3. Property

Private area surrounding the house is also a place which should be protected! How? For example ‘ by photo-traps ‘ camouflaged cameras with many functions, resistant to bad weather conditions. Such an equipment can work in standby mode for 6 months, thanks to energy saving solutions. Apart from that, it detects motion and informs about it via MMS or e-mail. Photos are taken automatically in the moment of detecting a human or an animal walking around the property. What are other places where the photo-trap will be effective? In gardens, farms, holiday cottages ‘ they are easy to install so the applications are numerous.  See the photo-traps in our Shop.

Summer is a time of many unexpected events. It is recommended to use affordable and accessible solutions so you can sleep in peace. Electronic devices work 24 hours a day and they are completely reliable! And you? How do you protect your house?

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