Explore a selection of the best metal detectors made of excellent materials and costing little in terms of guaranteed quality. Check out our selection of good metal detectors facilitating the treasure hunters work.

What to look for when buying a metal detector?

There are several features that anyone interested in buying a good metal detector should look out for.

Discrimination modes

Discrimination is the estimation of the type of material of the object found. The mode of discrimination, for example, is calibration for gold, which will help to search for this precious metal, and avoid others, such as iron, which is most often mistaken for gold. Thanks to this verification it is possible to estimate, if the found object is valuable or just an ordinary waste. This estimation is done on the basis of conductivity or ferromagnetic properties.

Metal detector coil

The coil plays the most important role in a metal detector – it is the coil that sends electromagnetic waves into the ground, which make it possible to find an object in the ground. The waves that are emitted bounce off the waves of buried metal, which travel back to the coil, and from there to the apparatus that reports the find. The larger the coil, the more range and depth it will cover. A small coil, on the other hand, is better suited for finding small objects and when searching in adverse conditions (bushes and other obstacles).

Detector range and modes of operation

Another equally important feature of metal detectors is their range. A different range is needed to find different objects. To detect a coin buried in the ground, a range of 10-25 cm is enough, an object the size of a helmet is 50-80 cm, and an object the size of a canister is 1 to 1.5 m.

Surprisingly, however, the long range of metal detectors is not their most important feature, and most searchers set their equipment to a lower range and sensitivity to avoid finding common junk. Setting up a metal detector on your own is complicated. That is why you should choose a model that has several built-in modes.

Good metal detectors – Just in time for spring!

High quality and functionality often exclude low price, but in the list you will find a special model that costs little. Check our selection.

1. Deus II XP metal detectors

As the first detector we present the newest leader. The DEUS II XP METAL DETECTORS is distinguished by its excellent frequency range. The user can choose between several factory preset programs, or set them independently in the range from 4 to 45 kHz.

It is a product for demanding users. It offers great quality of work and at the same time it is light and handy. It is suitable for longer expeditions of experienced metal prospectors.

Coil: 28 cm.

Discrimination modes: yes.

Detection modes: from 4 to 45 kHz, 24 programs.

Waterproof: yes (IP68 standard).

2. Garrett Apex

Garret Apex from the most popular metal detector manufacturer is an equipment with a wide range of available values (5, 10, 15 or 20 kHz), which allows you to manually adjust the search for specific objects.

You can also operate on Multi-Frequency mode, which allows you to broaden the group of potential phenomena and capture potentially valuable objects buried in the ground.

With the Raider DD waterproof coil and Multi-Salt mode, you can search on land and in salt water.

Coil: measuring 21 x 28 cm.

Discrimination modes: 20 modes.

Detection modes:non-discrimination, coin, jewelry, pinpoint, US coin, artifacts, custom.

Waterproof: yes.

3. Nokta Simplex

When asking the question about a good and cheap metal detector, the Simplex model by Nokta always comes to mind. User reviews confirm this.

The distinguishing feature of the Nokta Simplex metal detector is its ease of use. As its manufacturer writes on its website – this equipment is simple enough for beginners, and still enough for experts.

It is also the cheapest proposal from our list.

Coil: SP28 DD 11 – 28 cm.

Discrimination modes: it has a selective discrimination mode.

Detection modes: 5 (metal, field, park, park 2, beach).

Waterproof: up to 3 meters.

4. Nokta Anfibio Multi

Nokta Anfibio Multi is a battery powered detector for good range and speed. It has an advanced beach mode, so it will be ideal for people who are looking for treasure right there – on dry and wet sand and underwater.

Comes with wireless headphones!

Coil: AF28 DD, 28 cm.

Discrimination modes: yes + signal separation.

Detection modes: 9 options.

Waterproof: up to 5 m.

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