We have on offer a specialized laser detector of drugs, explosives and other substances, that is used by the policing services – G-Scan. This device performs a quick scanning in real time, nevertheless if it‘s powder in a plastic bag or liquid in a glass orange bottle. The result of scanning is momentarily visible on its display.

G-Scan has a built-in database that can be expanded and updated, thus this device not only identifies ‘home-made‘ explosive materials, but it continually learns itself thanks to modern algorithms. It allows to identify reproducible but also new patterns used by criminals, for example, for creating ‘home-made‘ explosives or methods of smuggling hazardous substances.

Laser Detect System manufactures devices dedicated to quick identification of suspicious substances in order to prevent tragedies. In specialised detectors the level of false alarms was minimalised and it‘s below 1%.

G-Scan can also be used at airports, penal institutions (for personal checks, scanning food and medicine packages in search of drugs and explosive materials), or to provide security in the means of collective transport.

The device recognises chemical weapons like sarin, mustard gas or soman. It can operate in every building, where undesirable presence of flammable materials could cause major damage and losses, thus its manufacturer recommends it to oil, gas and petroleum companies.

Hand-held detector of drugs and explosives I-Scan works a bit differently than G-Scan but is as effective – it uses the IMS (Ion-Mobility Spectrometry) technology, a spectroscopy method which involves measurement of mobility of gas particles in the electric field. It can be used for, among other things, checks of persons, luggage and vehicles as it detects even tiny particles of hazardous substances that may have settled on a smuggler‘s clothes, car, carry-on luggage, etc. Potential narcotics are detected once a direct sample or vapours are tested with this device.

Both mobile devices can be easily transported to the place of road blockades, when there‘s a need to quickly check the vehicles for explosives and drugs without the necessity of taking them to pieces. At the airports, they‘re used for the three-step security, as they:

  • detect threats near main entrances and gates to restricted areas,
  • verify suspicious, hidden objects without taking them to pieces,
  • clear suspicions or definitely confirm that a given substance is a narcotic or explosive material.

Smuggling detectors prevent from 
trafficking narcotics and transporting hazardous substances in collective transport. Laser Detect Systems recommends them also for security of critical infrastructure systems or big production plants with restricted areas.

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