How can I find out if someone is spying on me?

Do you feel that we live in the era of lack of privacy? On one hand, we hide in homes with high fences and security guards, spend holidays in resorts where we do not even mingle with locals and are getting more and more mistrustful towards strangers. On the other hand, we make our lives public in social media like Facebook or Instagram, GPS in smartphones track our location in real time and eyes of all-seeing CCTV cameras follow us all around many British cities. We may already be living in the dystopian world described in George Orwell‘s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four‘ with omnipresent surveillance, but there is not much an individual can do to fully get off the radar. Also, some measures had to be taken for the safety of our country, especially now when we are fighting merciless terrorists. But there is a light in the tunnel! While it is true that you cannot avoid the development of public surveillance, you certainly can check whether someone is spying on you and in this article we are going to show you a few pieces of equipment that detect surveillance gear. Read on to learn the details.

Is someone watching you?

Can you imagine being watched and recorded without being aware it? This sounds horrible and, what is more, your actions may be used against you by your partner, business competitors or various swindlers. If you have suspicions that you are a target of such actions, instead of laborious search for a hidden camera and constant uncertainty, use the portable wireless camera detector WEGA-I. It detects many kinds of cameras, wired and wireless, active but also inactive! It may be used by amateurs as you simply need to look through the viewfinder and, if you see a red spot – that‘s the place where the spying equipment is probably hidden. It‘s easy to use, quick and reliable!

Is someone listening in on you?

Listening bugs are easy to hide as they are small and easy to camouflage. Some may even be hidden in everyday objects like an alarm clock, power strip or even air freshener what makes them practically impossible to find without professional equipment. Fortunately, in our offer we have something both affordable and accurate – a radio frequency (FR) audio bug and camera detector. It features a wide detection frequency range and can also detect cameras. If a listening or recording device is found, its LED light blinks, or if you need to be discreet, you may use the silent mode and then it vibrates, so you can safely keep it hidden in your pocket or bag and do not raise any suspicions. It works in the range of up to 10 meters what makes it perfect for scanning larger areas like conference rooms or office halls. As a plus, you also get a free audio bug to test the device on your own. This is one of the cheapest ways how you can find a listening device.

Is durability your main concern?

If you need a device for checking for surveillance equipment in harsh conditions, we have something just for you – the metal detector Pinpointer XPointer Land. This reinforced hand-held gear is resistant to water, dirt and sand so it can withstand all difficult conditions. It is super light (only 200 grams), runs on one battery and you simply hold it in your hand. These features make it a great mobile companion. If someone planted a spying device, Pinpointer XPointer Land will find its metal parts and alert you using sound or/and vibrations. Plus, you can use it to hunt for treasures in your backyard and maybe develop a new rewarding hobby.There are many situations in which you may be the target of surveillance actions. Your partner may think you have an affair, your co-workers want to bring you into discredit or business associates try to get confidential data and use it against your company. Spying devices are widely available to anyone and they are affordable so why live in constant fear and with dark thoughts when you can simply spend a few pounds and learn the truth? Remember, not only the big brother may be watching you!

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