Obtaining a firearms permit in England is relatively hard and troublesome. Even legitimate use of firearms can easily cause many legal problems. The better solution is to find other means of self-defence, which not only can provide sense of security and be able to incapacitate an assailant but also do not require any kind of permit.

Electroshock weapon is clearly the best choice possible ‘ it temporarily incapacitates an assailant and cause no permanent health damage. Electroshock weapon generates very high voltage but relatively weak amperage. Electrical charge paralyzes assailant‘s nervous system and immobilizes him for about an hour. It is enough time to flee or tie up the offender and call the police. Electroshock weapon owes its efficiency to the fact that human body is mostly composed of water which is a good current conductor.

The efficiency of the electroshock weapon depends highly on its power and working time. First of all, it must be pressed firmly against assailant‘s body. It is worth to remember that electric shock causes involuntary muscles contraction. It is better not to aim at the arms. They involuntarily withdraw when exposed to electric shock. It is advisable to aim at highly innervated body regions, like neck, groin, shoulders or pelvis. Short electric shock (under 0.5 second) causes pain and can scare off an assailant. Longer shock (from 2 to 5 seconds in duration) causes stupefaction and balance problems. An assailant can sometimes stand up but after 5 second exposure to shock his muscles are very impaired for another 10 minutes.

The efficiency of the electroshock weapon also depends on its quality, the thickness of assailant‘s clothes and body‘s electrical resistance. People under the influence of drugs are more resistant to pain caused by electric shock. Regular electroshock weapon can be used for self-defence only. It cannot be used against children, pregnant women, the elderly or people suffering from cardiological conditions.

Electroshock weapon has also some disadvantages. It can be easily snatched from hand and use against you. To avoid such a situation it is better to buy a device equipped with protective mechanism. For example, Power Max is equipped with special protective fuse. It can be tied around a wrist and cuts off the device‘s power supply in case of disarming. Some electroshock weapon like Scorpy Max are additionally equipped with pepper spray canister which is very efficient and guarantees that your safety is well-protected.

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