How eyes with thermovision would see the world ‘ check out 8 photos and 2 video clips to find out

If you often take photos with your smartphone and have an Instagram account, you surely use various filters to tweak them. Would you like to have a smartphone that changes reality that you photograph without using additional filters?

It‘s possible thanks to a thermal imaging smartphone minicamera that makes you see the world in totally new colours and lets you see much more than is available to a human eye, both during the day and at night.

These photographs and video clips taken using thermal imaging cameras show you how our world would look like if a human eye was equipped with a night vision device, and then the Hold or Cold game would be a totally different thing, wouldn‘t it?

The darkest cat would not hide from you in a dark room and the autumn colour palette would be even richer. Do you know people experimenting with thermal photography? Share with us links to their profiles in the comments section!

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