The Remote Communication Interception Software sounds like something that should be kept in a secret and this is, in fact, a secret but the journalists from Deutsche Welle have found out that at the end of the year (so now) German investigative authorities will be able to take control over a phone of a given person thanks to this governmental spying software.

In other words, they could see messages in instant messengers like Messenger for which usually manufacturer‘s consent is required (here it would be Facebook company). They need to be granted access to the back door of an app to bypass it’s security measures.

Even more controversial is its additional software FinFispy which not only intercepts instant messages but also can remotely turn microphone and camera on and off and is able to store phone conversations and text messages from a targeted phone. You can find the similar one in our shop. Additionally, FinFispy was created by an external company so the authorities are not even required to make reports concerning its use.

The most secure phone in the world – How to become invisible

Pondering over this may get you paranoid and you may start to think that walls have ears, streets have eyes and everyone‘s poking their noses into other people‘s business. It seems that privacy is becoming a thing of the past that will eventually cease to exist. Fortunately, this is not entirely true. Have you heard about the Enigma? It was the most famous cipher machine that coded conversations that could only be deciphered by another Enigma machine.

Now, there‘s a new Enigma on the market – the Enigma E2 developed by the British Tripleton company. They created the most secure encrypted cell phone dedicated mostly to special forces but also businessmen and bankers.

A unique key is generated for each conversation that authenticates the connection. In case of breaking security measures of a phone, its SIM card is automatically destroyed.

How the modern Enigma works in practice? Let‘s imagine that you want to share confidential data with your co-worker, talk over your company‘s business strategy or conduct vital negotiations. What is the most important thing during such conversation? Secrecy – what is said, stays only between the parties involved. This is what Enigma E2 offers, (if you are interested in this phone you can find it in our shop as it not only encodes GSM connection but also data transfer. The unique key mentioned above for encoding conversation is random and unique. The procedure of generating this key takes only 7 seconds so it doesn‘t deteriorate the comfort of use and quality of conversation.

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