The cartoon child prodigy Dexter would have at least a few ideas on how to protect a student room so that any careless Dee Dee could not enter it and turn into ruin. Or make a theft in a student hall or digs. Then, the room would be like a real fortress that nobody would like to come near to, not only to make a prank on an asleep mate but also to steal something or go through private things.

Let‘s not exaggerate and get paranoid, but it‘s always better to be on the safe side and protect oneself from theft or intruders when living in a student hostel. It‘s not only about checking locks in your door. If you don‘t perceive every student as a potential intruder with itchy fingers, but you feel that your unattended room may fall prey to burglary, you should invest in appropriate gear that will caught an uninvited visitor to your student room red-handed.


Vigilant eyes

An alarm clock is extremely vigilant, especially in the morning when it‘s just waiting to end your lovely dream with a brutal buzz. It usually makes you leave your bed in a bad mood or at least irritated.

A classical alarm clock in the era of smartphones has the advantage that you cannot set your favourite song as the alarm sound, what makes you hate it after some time. You may despise the device and want to throw it away as far as possible. If it could, it would give you the look of the cute cat from Shrek begging for one more chance and promising to prolong your nap time from 6 to 16 minutes, like our DCR-233 alarm clock.

Why such a weird name for an alarm clock? It looks quite old-fashioned, but do not judge the book by its cover. This is actually a plus, as it doesn‘t seem attractive to a burglar. The alarm clock with miniature spy camera is in fact more like a dog protecting your safety. Or like a paparazzo – taking pictures from concealment or journalist recording sound in secret to register each burglary in a student hostel or digs.

It reacts to movement – when you leave your room, the alarm clock with mini spy camera records each intruder that appears in your fortress. If the intruder stays there for four hours – no problem, as the device can record for up to five hours. Something went missing from your room when you were not there? Someone turned your computer on? Dag around in private stuff? Then you will have the evidence of burglary, stamped with date and time.

And you will finally know who pilfers your food.

It‘s a discreet guard with basic range of responsibilities but more conscientious, as it works during day and at night. When you‘re away for the weekend to visit your parents or at a party, you can check on your smartphone what‘s going on in your room, so this alarm clock with a mini cam is highly recommendable.

It never sleeps, thanks to an AC adapter. IR lightning gives it perfect sight in the dark and it stays online all day due to Wi-Fi connection. All you need is a smartphone with dedicated app – a few clicks and you can see in real-time if someone is messing around in your room. If you leave it for a few hours and want the alarm clock to record in continuous mode and catch even a fly passing by – sure! Just set the appropriate schedule. Nobody will get away anymore with stealing from your student room!

Alarm clocks have eyes and…

Walls have ears

Some prefer to get evidence of presence of intruders by a real audiophile which concentrates on one sense, namely hearing. With this super sharpened sense, it attentively listens, though does not register ultrasounds.

For the hidden MVR-100 voice recorder it is really dark, as it is not able to see the intruders but, if they are scheming against you in the 8-metre range, it can record their machinations continuously for 15 hours and stay in the standby mode for up to 10 days, e.g. in a laptop.

Which can also be protected.

An Englishman's home is his castle

Laptop has become our confidant, it contains our photos, movies and private information.

In the past, there were notebooks locked with a key where you wrote ‘Dear Diary‘‘ and now we store our most private thoughts in notebooks. Who hasn‘t forgot to log out from Facebook on a computer in a student hostel or digs? I guess everybody has. And what‘s going on with the equipment when you‘re not around? Some of us want to know that.

For such persons to the rescue comes SpyLogger – software logging everything typed with a keyboard which is undetectable for antivirus software. Reports are then sent to your e-mail address, so you can access it whenever and wherever you‘d like to.

If you suspect that someone uses your computer, you can secretly record this person and, thanks to SpyLogger, discover what they use the computer for. Clearing browsing history or using the incognito mode is of no avail here. SpyLogger will let you know if the intruder inserted a CD or pen drive and which files and folders were opened.

Imagine that your laptop gets stolen. Its careless thief hides in his room and starts using your gear and logs into Facebook. Not aware of the installed SpyLogger that sends reports with browsing history straight to you. And then you know who is probably responsible for the theft from your student room.

Have your heard about the safe room? It‘s a fortified room installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter in the event of a possibly every threat like break in or home invasion.

It is not meant for long weeks of hiding but, thanks to food supplies and communication system, it‘s allegedly perfect for emergencies. A student room in a hall or digs doesn‘t have to be a bunker like that, though food supplies would be nice, but we all know that better be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your precious belongings, so it is recommendable to think about investing in such equipment.

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