According to reports released this year, nearly 50% of entrepreneurs were victims of economic crime. This often results in leakage of strategic data, and it turns out that better protection is essential. Except, how should it be done?

The danger of losing confidential data concerns both medium and large companies. Hackers‘ attack are the most common reason. Expert analyses show that the most threatened sectors are:

  • financial,
  • trade,
  • telecommunication.

It means that the most often attacked companies are the ones which function basing on developed IT networks. But hackers are not the only ones who act on companies‘ detriment. It shows that in 56% of dishonest corporate practices the blame is on the employees themselves. Half of them are the management staff. Dishonesty inside the company is a major threat for data confidentiality. Persons who have an access to the most important business areas may disclose its secrets with ease. It is why the employer should be able to monitor and control the employees. However, it is possible only in case they are informed about it.

The control can be performed e.g. by using a software for computer and phone monitoring. The best applications of this kind are SpyLogger and SpyPhone. The first is a perfect solution for internet activity control of the employee. It monitors the shared and sent data, also, it shows who he contacts with. By this measure, the company‘s data protection is increased and the employer is sure that the employee is honest.

SpyLogger is a computer software which runs ‘invisible‘ and is undetectable for anti-virus software. The program sends user‘s activity reports which contain:

  • screenshots (generated with chosen frequency),
  • HTML files with text typed on the keyboard and history of used programs.

A useful function is also determining keywords which, when typed, generate a special screenshots.The program protects also the data from being uploaded to the data media. It shows the devices connected to the computer, along with flash memory devices and informs about CD/DVD drive activity.

SpyPhone is a mobile phone application which, depending on version:

  • Allows to overhear the conversations ‘live‘ or records them automatically,
  • Records the SMS and MMS messages sent and received,
  • Allows to locate the phone, increasing the employee‘s security.

The additional asset of this application is a possibility of overhearing and recording the sounds from the phone‘s surrounding. All you need to do is to connect to the monitored number with a supervisory phone or send a command demanding sound recording. After the recording is finished, the files goes to the electronic mailbox. Additionally, the reports may contain:

  • Copies of photos made with the phone,
  • E-mails and conversation recording via Internet communicators (e.g. Whatsapp),
  • Other information about phone‘s activity.

Dishonest employees are often not cautious. Discreet solutions help to catch them red-handed and obtain evidence of acting to the company‘s detriment.
But, the entrepreneurs are also threatened by the attacks from the outside. The most common (apart from hackers‘ attacks) is using the wiretappings. Hence we propose solutions such as Druid DS-600, an acoustic anti-surveillance system. What are its capabilities?

  • Protects from any kind of wiretapping.
  • Guarantees a safe conversation for up to 18 persons.
  • Resistant to noise-removing systems.
  • Has its own batteries and can be run in any kind of room.

A key element of its effectiveness are non-standard solutions. In classic constructions, radio localizers are used, which detect the sources of analog and digital signals in various standards; also jammers are used ‘ blocking the data transmission via radio. But not every wiretapping may be neutralized in this way. Druid DS-600 analyzes conversation sounds and generates acoustic interference which masks the conversation and jam it in way impossible to understand by the overhearing person. Thus, removing the interference from the signal becomes impossible. How the conversation participants communicate? It is possible thanks to special headphones sets.

Phone conversations can also be protected. It is possible by using devices such as Enigma E2. Of typical appearance, this mobile phone works with AES 256 bit strong encrypting algorithms, performed by a dedicated encrypting card. This method is almost impossible to crack. It provides a complete confidentiality of the conversation. However, its efficiency is conditioned by using the Enigma E2 by both parties of the conversation.

Dishonest practice is still a serious problem of the business world. Knowledge and capability of using remedies helps entrepreneurs to avoid unpleasant consequences of losing confidential data.

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